Open Letter to Pets (HYSTERICAL!!)

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  1. Haha too funny. This reminds me of these really cute cartoons about a cat and it's owner (look up 'Simon's Cat')

  2. One of our cats, Arthur, likes to actually get in my lap while I am in the bathroom. Awkward!
  3. Ha!! I love the part about the bathroom! My kitties do that all the time! They usually race me there as soon as they notice that I am going in that direction! I have never had them try to jump in my lap though. They just try to rub on my leg instead lol
  4. Hey that's a gift! Had a large dog who was a wonderful 'mouser.' He would smash them as thin as a pancake & give them to me. :love:

    First time he did this, had a hard time figuring out what it was. lol
  5. OMG.... this make my car..iam oging ot print this up

  6. I don't shut the door because I enjoy my entourage.

  7. My dog Awesome-O does this everyday. We have a routine, when I come home from work, the first thing I have to do is use the restroom and he will beat me there and will sit on my lap while I'm there. It is indeed funny.
  8. So funny!
    I gave up all pretence of privacy when I adopted my first two I have eight and if at least five of them don't accompany me to the bathroom I think something is wrong....
  9. love this thread. what's with pets enjoying going with their master to the bathroom? I have 2 female tzus and they do this all the time. They also hog the space on the bed. One of them does enjoy watching me put make up on, i find that sooo cute.
  10. toooooo funny! i'm sending it to my mom :roflmfao:
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    There's an LOL cats for this... NOW i have to find it....


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  12. All 3 of mine are interested in this as well!

  13. I'm with you on that one, M. My dogs mostly get full run of the house, but my bathrooms are a Doggie Free Zone. There's just some places I DON'T care to find Gracie's hair.... :wtf:
  14. Love it! I need to post this one my fridge.
  15. LOL:lol: because its so true....especially the bathroom thing. My cat loves to go in there and start meowing at me while I do my business.
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