Open adoption

  1. Hey, everyone. Just wanted to say that we adopted our son 15 months ago. It was an open adoption. Through research and our own experience, I have plenty of info if anyone needs any. I can tell you firsthand that when you learn you can't conceive, and begin the adoption process, it can be overwhelming. SO much information... SO much to think about. If I can offer any help to any of you, I'd be honored. One of my best friends had just gone through it right before we did, and I say all the time I don't know what I'd have done otherwise. Just having someone to talk to who's "been there, done that" makes a big difference! Your family and friends can be challenging during an open adoption, since they have no idea what you are going through and often say or ask inappropriate things that can make you feel as if you are on the defensive. So if anyone out there needs or wants to talk about this, I'm offering. :smile:
  2. awww, so thoughtful of you to offer yourself!
    My good girlfriend and her DH just adopted recently, it's such a blessing:love:
  3. How wonderful! DH and I want to adopt as well as have our own. Can I ask did you adopt here in the states or internationally? What agency did you go through? Thanks so much for posting. I would never know where to start!
  4. Swanky, it is indeed a blessing. We marvel each day at how blessed we are. LV Luvr, we used AdoptHelp. They have a web site. We adopted domestically. Our son was born in Texas. We were there for his birth! PM me if you would like to chat. Our close friends also adopted, but want to have their own, too. Their son was born four months and a day before ours... also through AdoptHelp. I know what you mean... where to start is a huge thing. SOOOO helps to talk to someone who's done research.
  5. Wow. That is so amazing! I was looking at the parent profiles and it looks like about 50% of them either are waiting on their arrival or celebrating the birth of a new baby!

    Can I ask how long the whole process took? And the really.. probably taboo question of a price range? I'm just being nosy.