Opal rings

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've never posted in this subforum, but I am in need of your expertise. :smile: I'm looking for a unique and pretty ring. I really love opals, but I've been reading about how soft and fragile they are. I'm pretty clumsy, unfortunately, and I'm worried that I'd wreck the stone in some uncoordinated way. So, do any of you know just how fragile opals actually are? I'd hate to buy a gorgeous ring, only to ruin it by being a klutz.
  2. they can be fragile, yes, but it depends on the type of opal. i have a lovely opal ring, no problems, but it is not everyday that i wear it...
  3. Opals are a fairly soft stone, but if you take care, you shouldn't have any trouble with them. I have one that is over 30 years old now! If you look closely, you can see some surface scratching on the stone, but they aren't noticeable at a normal distance.

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  4. Kitsunegrl, this is the one gorgeous ring you got!
  5. I've never known anyone who has an opal ring that has been able to keep it for any period of time no matter how careful they are. One day you look down and the opal is just gone from the setting. Just off the top of my head, I can think of 3 people who had opal rings this happened to. Because they loved their rings, they had the opals replaced at least once (one person had it replaced more) but all three finally gave up on the opals and the one who had it replaced more than once, finally replaced it with blue topaz. I also love opals but........
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  6. ^^ amen. I had an opal ring several years ago that I could not maintain.
  7. An opal ring will be damaged if used every day.. But if used with care and not to often, it will maintain flawless! ;)
  8. I lost an opal once but I've got another that I've had forever. Opals are not meant for everyday wear.
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  9. Agree w/ everyone else. They are something you've got to be delicate with. I love yours though, Kitsunegrl!

    I think earrings or a pendant are better for daily wear- less knocking around.
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  10. My Auntie has a beautiful opal full of red fire for an engagement ring that she wears every day and has done for about 30 years.

    It is a soft stone but so are natural emeralds.

    You get what you pay for. Never buy a doublet or triplet they are glued and will not last - especially if you get them wet often.

    I love them! My mother has a large beautiful cameo broach with the cameo carved out of the opal. The ladies hair is all read and her face milky white on a onyx with rose gold lace around the edge. She used to go out with a guy who dug and cut opal for a living. I have seen some that would cost the earth. Alas I was never lucky enough to get one :crybaby:
  11. I have an opal ring that cracked on the side. I would not ever buy another one again.
  12. Gorgeous ring Kit.

    I have some Australian opal jewelry I very rarely wear. I love the fire in the stones & take them out to just look at them.
  13. I have an opal ring that was my grandmother's and it's from the 60's. I think if you are careful with them they are fine, as far as cleaning them, I think it's best to just clean them with some mild soapy water. Regular gem cleaning solution is too harsh for them, the same goes for pearls. Here's my ring:

  14. ^ I like your setting! It looks like a star w/ your beautiful opal in the center!
  15. Lantana,
    pretty ring!

    I love opals........they are so mystical to me.
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