OP winners?

  1. So who won the OP denaro and angioletto I had on my watch list on e-bay?? I wanted them so bad, but KNEW I'd never be able to keep up with the war. *lol* So I just watched it to see how high it'd go! And they went high!!

    Anyone from here that won them?

    I think the denaro had absolute GORGEOUS placement!!
  2. I just lost the Denaro - I was the high bidder until literally the last 20 seconds or so. :crybaby:
  3. Yeah, I kept watching the both, refreshing every few seconds and the bids kept SPIKING UP!! :wtf:
  4. I lost the angioletto at the last minute. I even went beyond my limit on it but I still lost.
  5. It's crazy how everything goes crazy during the last minute! It seems like unless you are sitting at your computer ready to go you can't win one of the HTF items on eBay.

    I did get the Spiaggia Luna for $134 so I am happy about that at least. :p
  6. i loved that denaro! :drool:
  7. ha i lost on that denaro as well :p but its ok its not like i needed it :lol: great print placement though!! congrats to whoever won it !! ;)
  8. I was watching that, congratulations!
  9. I won the angioletto :sweatdrop:

    I really wanted a tan playground one that was up a couple weeks ago, but missed it by a few seconds. I liked the denaro too, but my perfect OP denaro placement has a lot of lattes.
  10. Wow. Well, congrats to you!! :tup: I would love love love to get the Camo angiolettos!!
  11. Thank you ^^ stalking the end of eBay auctions and frantically making bids with less than a minute to spare paid off, hehe.
  12. Lost in the final seconds for the angioletto. It just went a little to high.
  13. Heehee!! I was watching the wars on both of those items, I knew it was a tPF bidding war because I kept recognizing screen names. :p Congrats on your new baby toki!! :nuts:

    That was a beautiful Denaro!! Perfect print placement IMO. :drool: Wonder who got that beauty?
  14. I was watching the OP angioletto too. It went for lower than I expected though, considering how rare it is. Congrats toki!!!!!

    I wanted the black camo angioletto. It went for higher than I was willing to pay, but I was really cheap. hehe. At least a tpfer got it.
  15. Same here!! I still want Black and Olive Camo angioletto's... but I'm not willing to pay an arm and a leg for it.