OP:Which do you like best: popincourt haut or cabas piano?

  1. I bought a speedy 25 althought I like it. I really need a shoulder bag. :sad: (I think that is why I sold my first speedy 25). So I am trying to decide between these two. I also like the BV but I afraid it might be a little to big for everyday use.

    I have liked the cabas for a long time. The are a couple draw backs 1) There are a lot of fakes:yucky: CP in my area and 2) the leather bottom (keeping it clean). The popincourt is cute. It looks smaller than the cabas and I heard the balls can be annoying.

    If you have any of these bags I would appreciate your feedback and more pics. TIA
  2. I really love the look of the Cabas Piano...the size is great and is comfortable under the arm.
  3. I have the Cabas Piano and love it. The leather bottom also scared me but I just have to remember to check around before I set it down. The popincourt just reminds me of an older womans purse JMO.
  4. I love Cabas piano. The leather bottom doesn't bother me at all. I do like popincourt but it just doesn't look right on me :shrugs:
  5. the popincourt haut! :heart:
  6. i have the Popincourt Haut and i love it :yes:. the balls aren't annoying; in fact i find them very cute and i like the sound they make when they click together

    the one thing i don't like about the Cabas bags is that the bottom is entirely vachetta, which makes it that much harder to take care of and keep clean
  7. I have the cabas piano and LOVE IT! if you're worried about the bottom, purchase a good used one you wont feel as guilty.
  8. i say go for the popincourt haut...it doesnt have the vachetta bottom so you dont have to worry so much about it getting dirty.
  9. ^^ I totally agree. The cabas piano can get really dirty and scuffed. Get the popincourt haut. :yes:
  10. I LOVE the Cabas Piano. I was looking at that one before I got my Mezzo and it ended up being too small.
    But please don't base your decisions on what fakes are out there..you'll be missing out on a great bag. Buy it for yourself, not because you think anyone else will think it's fake. You know it's not and that's what matters because long after the fakes have fallen apart, you'll still have your beautifully patina-ed authentic one.
    And as for the bottom, believe me, it's NO trouble. I have a few bags with the vachetta on the bottom and I've never had one problem with staining or anything. The bottom of my Mezzo looks GREAT and I've carried that thing to death. Just don't do the obvious things you wouldn't do with ANY bag, like set it on wet sink and you'll be fine.
  11. I have the PH and just love it. The little balls don't ever bother me and can't remember if I even hear them anymore...

    I like the Piano, too! I'm thinking of buying the Mezzo as I want a much larger tote bag. The PH is great and holds all my stuff but as I keep buying more LV accessories (and feel the need to carry ALL of them - LOL) I am filling up my bag fast! :upsidedown:
  12. The vachetta bottom can be a real pain. My big montsouris backpack is vachetta on the bottom and it has water stains and I'm always worried about where to put it, so I definitely vote for the POP.
  13. Well, I had a Cabas Piano and sold it because I did not like the lack of structure of the bag after I was using it for a while. I have never carried a Popincourt but I have seen some and it seems that it keeps its shape better. I will depend on how much you like you bag to keep its shape all the time. Hope this helps.
  14. I have a cabas piano, and it's such a functional bag - but just know the bottom WILL get dirty, no matter how obsessive you are about it, it will get dirty. But you'll learn to love the bottom of your bag. As the vachetta darkens and gets little spots here and there on it you'll just love it more, because those spots make the bag yours, unique. Plus, when you're carrying the bag, no one sees the bottom.
  15. I like the PH. I think the vachette bottom can be a little bit difficult to take care of especially without any spray protection. But I'm not sure if the PH keep it's shape very well (I hope so since I liek the design a lot).