OP: Should I sell speedy 30 or keep?

  1. I bought a used and in good condition monogram speedy 30. I like it and it holds a ton but, I am worried that I may get sick and tired of hand held only. Should I sell it and get a BV? :confused1:
    And no I cannot have both.:crybaby:
  2. Which one do you prefer? It's no point keeping it if you don't LOVE it, KWIM?
  3. :yes:
    And if you want the BV now, you can always get the Speedy again later on in the future, if you decide you still want it.
  4. Completely agree! :jammin:
  5. I love the speedy! Dont sell it. Just buy a shoulder bag too! *wink*
  6. Keep!
  7. You could buy a strap for your Speedy.....
  8. I would keep the Speedy 30, it's such a nice bag to have! However, if your not happy with it, I would sell it and than buy something more verstile.
  9. I think you should keep the bag and invest in a shoulder strap (either a Monogram or vachetta version). I know some "purists" feel that wearing the Speedy with a shoulder strap is an absolute no-no, but there are some members (myself included) who do use a long strap to make the bag easier to carry when on extended shopping trips. You can just keep the strap inside the bag and attach it when you need to keep your hands free to carry other things. ;)
  10. Do you love the Speedy? Then keep it.
    Are you a shoulder bag girl? Get the BV!
    You can always get the other bag later as both are permanent. :yes:
  11. Thanks for the replys so far. I am still on the fence about this.
    I love both of them:shrugs: I need something everyday.
  12. Keep the Speedy and get the shoulder bag too! You really need both a handheld LV and a shoulder LV.
  13. The most economical solution would be a shoulder strap. You can get the monogram strap for $150. I have it to use with my pochette when I want a crossbody hands free bag. And then on down the road when you expand your collection you can use that strap with other bags as well.
  14. Get the shoulder strap, I think it looks perfectly fine with the speedy, and you can probably pick up a strap on eBay for less than $150
  15. Keep the speedy, its such a classic! Just buy a shoulder strap if you dont like hand holding it. :yes: