OP: I just received a ebony damier koala wallet from eluxury

  1. I like the wallet and it is very pretty. I will not be able to use this wallet everyday because of its size and I don't want the lock to get all scratched up. I purchased it to go with my damier Saleya PM. But I was thinking for an extra $30, I can get the Monogram Speedy 30. I always like the bag but, put off getting it because everyone has one. I could even get the mini accesories pochette to match.

    My question is should I exchange the Koala wallet for the Monogram Speedy 30 and mini accesories pochette. :confused1:I cannot afford all three.
  2. If the wallet is going to make it a hassle to use since your not going to use it everyday and scared to get it scratched.. then get the speedy with the pochette! On the other hand... if your doubting the mono speedy because everyone has it.. then get a damier speedy or azur.
  3. Return it if you're NOT in love w/it.
  4. Exchange - exchange! I had the Koala wallet and gave it to my daughter because it didn't hold enough and was very "fat." I absolutely love the mono speedy 30 (I have both mono and have a damier one on its way). To me, the mono speedy is the quintessential LV bag - a true classic, and an absolute must-have. It's my favorite of all my bags.
  5. I would definitely get something that would be used carefree and not have to worry about it. However if you need an LV wallet to go with your Saleya, they have other ones that are carefree as well.
  6. If you don't :heart: it then definately exchange!

    I'm also facing a wallet dilema. Not only are they the price of a mono bag, but also seem off in size for me. I guess when I find the perfect one I'll know!
  7. Exchange it if you're not going to use it !

    And I always think the same way you do - about wallets compared to bags in pricing. I'd rather just get another bag than a wallet !!
  8. yhea... return it if its not to yr liking...i alwasy prefer bag:tup:
  9. lv wallets are super expensive when compared to LV entry pieces - why get a wallet when you can have a purse? get the speedy, you'll never think twice about it.

    i recently was torn between a much coveted wallet and handbag; the handbag won!
  10. I would go for the bag... don't worry about everyone having it... it's a classic!!
  11. If you don't love it, definitely exchange. You can't go wrong with a Speedy and pochette!
  12. I use to own the monogram Koala wallet and sold it on eBay, it was too deep of a wallet for me and some of the bags I use. Since you already know you will not be carrying with some of your bags, I would exchange it for the speedy!
  13. I would get the mono speedy. I always think bag before wallet. Since the Koala is so pricey, why not just get another Speedy?