OP frenzy

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  1. So ive been looking to get a small OP for a while now, and I cannot get one at a reasonable price- so i was wathcing some used items etc on eBay
    And this just blew me away!


    85$!? Its used, It doesnt have the quee and it has a fake stud??
    That seems ridiculous..

    what is going on!? This is like the 4th used one ive seen go for 85-100 $... All the toki fanatics must be emerging and buying the OP before the legone/ le sports sac collab ends! lol :shrugs:
  2. hmm OP is going for that much now? Didn't know that...but too bad you missed when our outlet here in Hawaii had OP..just like months ago...and it was discounted..hmm I wonder if they still have any..
  3. It's funny, OP Bellas sat on the sale rack at my Lord & Taylor allll summer and into the fall of 2006 - I never would have guessed they would one day be such a hot item.
  4. if that was scaring you, have you seen this? :p lol!
  5. um .... Well, it's very cute.
    What you can find in the completed listings is interesting. If it makes them happy, then it must be worth it to pay whatever they have. :shrugs:
  6. yeah but that makes sense a little more.... i mean it was only used once and it still has the qee- this purse was only 40$ less and it had NO qee, and a missing stud!

    I just saw another OP that went for about the same proce, 80, with no qee.

  7. OMG i just looked at that link... i am officially speachless ....
    :wtf: 350 $.....
  8. I was wondering, for those who bought an OP, how much did you pay?
  9. I bought my OP bella bella from the hawaii outlet and I think I paid like ... $140 something. It was a while ago so my memory isn't so great but it was somewhere around that much .... maybe more.
  10. There's a direct correlation between what I'll pay for an OP and what time of the month it is for me. ^^

    Needless to say, I should not shop when i'm feeling emotional.:wacko:

    I paid $110 for the Bella and I think like $125 for the Bella Bella at the LSS outlet too.
  11. AH! I was outbid on both Bellas!!!
    I remember that! :crybaby:

  12. HAHAHAHAHA ..... I love it... ah the dangerous time of the month, full of chocolate and impulse buying :roflmfao:

  13. Oh boy, I find myself in that "emotional state of being" at the moment :push:

    Contemplating whether or not to pay $250 for the :cursing: Hello Kitty Boston Bag On eBay... :sad:
  14. You should, with the shortage in production the prices are jacked up in Japan, like US$170 for the Boston bag now.. if you can find one! Moreover they seem to be the most elegant designs of the whole series..

    I take it each podium is a collection so the next will be the pink ones, from this photo the current first podium has the best looking items. I think the prices will keep going up.

    I think the Boston bag is a better deal than the small handbag cos it closes with zipper, the handbag doesn't and if you're not careful your things might fall out.

    Take a look at these auctions' final prices:
    .. etc. nothing like what you're gonna pay for!