OP Ciao Ciao frm eBay

  1. I got another addition to my ever growing Ciao Ciao. It just came in the mail today. I love it! I just need some advise though.

    Seller listed the bag as in gently used - generally speaking I would say it has been used numerous times, and saying *gently* would stretch it a little. The color on the O ring as well as rivets and zipper has started to fade. The leather has also darkened. I can understand this since this print has been out for quite sometime and the bag must've also been used quite a bit.

    Seller also fail to mention the color bleed on the white fabric which is minor, but still noticeable.

    I am not sure how to rate the seller and that's why I need your advise. The shipping was really quick though and I am overall quite happy with my bag. I just wish that the seller can be more upfront abt the true condition of the bag.
  2. could you post a picture of it?
  3. perhaps u can upload a pic of the bag?
  4. Well if you're happy about the bag itself but just unhappy that the seller wasn't entirely truthful, I would just give that seller a Neutral rating and explain why in the comment.


    Email her and let her know your concerns (attach pictures of what you pointed out) and see if she can give you a discount before deciding on a rating.

    If she ignores you or says No to you, then you have more reason to just give a Neutral rating and that the seller didn't want to work things out.
  5. Yeah...I'd like to see a pic of what you're talking about, but talking to the seller about it is a good idea as well. I hope you get it worked out...

    ....and this is why evilbay scares me.
  6. Pics here;

    P1090818.JPG P1090819.JPG
    P1090820.JPG P1090822.JPG P1090821.JPG

    I wrote to the seller today and she was apologetic. She did notice the peeling paint but fail to include them in the description. She disagree when it comes to the darkened/dirty leather and color bleed.

    If you look at my bag, all the Sandys are bleeding green, the red Nana Stars are bleeding red and the Happy Flowers are bleeding whatever color they are in!

    She told me to return the bag if I am unhappy but she won't reimburse shipping price nor return shipping. What should I do?
  7. It depends. Do you really want the bag? Do you think you can live with the bleeding and condition of the bag? You're the one who's going to have to live with this bag...

    Some people wouldn't mind and would just keep it because it's eventually going to wear anyway, but I wouldn't be able to keep it.
  8. I really wanted an OP Ciao Ciao to add to my collection. I have heard that the OP print bleeds easily and no matter how well you store it, it can't be help. I took out my OP Ciao and the color is still as vibrant as the first day I bought it! I didn't even scothguard it or spray on any protector. I think perhaps only certain OP fabric has this defect.

    Overall the bag is not that bad, compared to the horrible CR Ciao Ciao and I have yet to come across another OP Ciao Ciao. What I am thinking is to keep this and when another one comes along, sell this off. I hate to eat the loss of not getting back shipping if I return the bag.

    Buying on eBay can be so frustrating sometimes. So, does this seller deserve a POSITIVE?
  9. If you want to leave neutral or neg. feedback, just be prepared for retaliatory feedback from the seller. I know it sounds really petty of them and you didn't do anything wrong, but it happens a lot on eBay.

    Maybe if she leaves you positive FB first, then you can easily leave her a neutral, but she's probably waiting to see what you do first =(
  10. I hope my OP bella bella doesn't eventually bleed!! Maybe the Scotch Guard will help prevent bleeding... I hope!

    As far as feedback, I don't know if she deserves neutral or negative but she definitely doesn't deserve positive feedback.
  11. The seller has already left me POSITIVE fb. It's basically up to me what to do with hers.
  12. I would say a neutral.. you're not completely dissatisfied, point out the fast shipping but also mention description was not exactly accurate.. ebay sucks sometimes
  13. If she already left you positive feedback, I say be honest in your feedback!!
  14. Oh great! Yes, leave her a neutral!! You have no worries now.

    har har!
  15. I'd keep it and give her a neutral feedback!!! honestly, the bag still looks verrry cute and good. The bleeding happens to the majority of OP bags i've seen and it's not really THAT bad in my opinion. It's like "shadowing" of the characters i guess. :smile: i still think it's a great bag! just sucks she didn't describe it well.