OP Bella Bella..Hawaii Outlets??

  1. Does anyone know if the Hawaii outlets still have the OP Bella Bellas?? I really want one! Thanks!:tup:
  2. I think they do... I didn't go last weekend because I was lazy, but I will be going this weekend... I swear it seems like they have a never-ending supply of them. *lol*
  3. Do they take money orders only? Thanks!:smile:
  4. Oh I forgot to ask..how much are they at the outlet?
  5. I was there @ two weeks ago. If I remember correctly, it was $182 less 30% off, so that would be @$127.40.
  6. Call the outlet and ask..because you also have to ask how much for shipping to wherever you're from.

    Yes, only money orders.
  7. Thanks!! I wish they did charge sends over the phone though:sad:
  8. They should and I don't know why they don't..but yeah that's just the way it is.
  9. Just got back from the Outlet ~ they still have the OP Bella Bella $182 less 30%. No Bellas though....guess they sold out. Sorry, wasn't able to speak to any of the SAs. They were very busy with the Japanese tourists.

  10. Thank you for the update:smile:
  11. It was $15 to ship to Seattle. I think it may be $15 to ship anywhere on the mainland; I recall a lot of people quoting $142.40 as the total a while back.
    Call and ask to speak with Nancy - she deals with all the phone orders.
    Oh, you can do a cashiers check, too.
  12. Thanks..what is her #?
  13. 808-686-9788
  14. I never called on this..so are they sold out now?? I am kicking myself!!
  15. I think someone said in another thread that they only had black left...but hopefully someone can confirm that.