op art?

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  1. does anybody NOT like it? what do you say when a stranger thinks it's a fake bag because they've only seen the old classic monogram logo? lol
  2. oops. just saw the poll thread. >_< but what do you say when somebody thinks it's fake cuz they've only seen the classic coach monograms?
  3. I think it's cute and refreshing! I'm glad coach did something different.
  4. I am starting to like it too!
  5. people who don't know actually think coach re-designed the whole monogram thing so it's more along the lines of 'out with the old in with the new'.
  6. Perhaps I am just a naive Oklahoma girl (this just doesn't happen to me) but I think if a complete stranger is rude enough to just walk up to you and ask you to verify the authenticity of your bag, then he or she does not even deserve the courtesy of an answer. Furthermore, anyone familar enough with current Coach designs will know the style and if they for some reason have not seen the new Cs, they will probably not even know enough to ask if it is even a Coach in the first place. Most of the op art designs aren't obviously Coach from across a room if you've never seen one. Who cares what others think...YOU know it's authentic. And I love the black, grey, orange op art print.
  7. I have the chocolate op art signature julianne and I really like the print.. it's different.
  8. I love the black op art. I may break down and get the planner, lol! And I agree, who cares if they think it's fake! Obviously they don't know what they are talking about ;)
  9. I like the Op Art on the gift boxes (especially the pink and white print) and the matching shopping bag. I still prefer the classic C's because that was the first thing that got me interested in Coach. I'm a little bit siggy (old C's) and now a little bit [full] leather too.
  10. The Op art totally grew on me. I didnt like at first,but now I won a OP art bag on Ebay last nite. Cant wait to get it. I plan on taking it on vacation to Florida on Jan 28. A much needed break from Chicago Weather.
  11. yeah i hate chicago weather, snows a lot while you sleep and then suddenly totally melts and BAM! more snowfall and slush. :sad:
  12. It's hard to believe that millions of years ago the Chicago area was tropical (according to the Field Museum). :confused1:

    I kind of like the op art, but only if the C's are the same color as the bag.
  13. I like the Op Art in the colors that first came out, but haven't liked anything since. I really don't care if anyone assumes my stuff is fake.
  14. It's totally grown on me!
    I like the fuschia (in accessories)
    And I like the chocolate
  15. Misstammy, I agree with you. I'm in NYC and if a complete stranger questions the authenticity of my Coach bag, I'm likely to respond negatively. :cursing: As for OpArt, I loved it ever since the black, grey, and orange pattern came out last year. I have the Julianna in the original and resort OpArt pattern and have gotten so many compliments on my bags! I also have the Sabina in the pink OpArt pattern that I can't wait for spring to wear that lovely! :tup: