OP art Sabrina question

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  1. I recently ordered a Madison OP art Sabrina in Brass/Parchment from the Coach boutique store. They had to special order it in from Florida. The thing is its not on the site anymore and they told me they don't sell it anymore.. They charged me full price 298 + BC Canada taxes. The lady told me there was only a few I went back the male salesman mumbled to the saleslady there are 64. I am not sure if they are getting it from the outlet and charging me full price.
    I searched up the bag on ebay there is about 20 white bags.. I even saw one that had the paper bag that looked like the outlet bag... so I was wondering if any of you have seen this particular bag at the outlets? If so I think I will cancel the order.
    Also can Coach botiques even access what the outlets have? that was kinda weird how she said a few and the man says theres 64 in florida..
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    I'd say stick with your order. On Ebay, the prices are in US dollars and in the end paying more than what the retail is + Shipping. Unfortunately, because we don't have an outlet in Vancouver, we have to deal with the fact that we pay retail price or wait until it comes out on Ebay for a ridiculously good deal if you ever come across it. Driving across the border to get to an outlet is not worth it with the gas you have to pay, food, border line ups etc.

    Also, even if the bag is 30 - 50% off the retail price at the Outlet, you still have to convert that to Canadian dollars and our dollar compared to US is quiet high at this time. Still not a good deal with all the other expenses incurred with just traveling.

    64 is a few compared to thousands of units they have in inventory for one model alone. The SA is talking about Jacksonville, Florida.... Coach's Headquarters for inventory.