OP Art question/satiny materiel question.


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Aug 19, 2009
I really really want the new garnet mahogany op art bag, but I have never owned the satiny materiel and an worried it will snag and not hold up well for a day to day bag. Anyone have any experience or can add your thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

laurie Ann


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Jan 30, 2007
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I have the large OP Art Sabrina in brown and the material holds up well for every day use, but it is not snag proof. With every day use, the corners of the bag started to wear a little bit, but that's a given. It's probably more noticeable because it's not leather. So far, it has held up well and the snags have been far and between.


Aug 20, 2009
Alexandria, VA
I used my Op Art Sabrina in navy/sil/ivory ALL summer long and had no problem. But the bottom of that one is ivory leather. I'm not sure if it's a fabric bottom or leather on some of the other Op Arts. I had no problem with snags though, and even used it as Mcdonalds bag for my daughter one day when a paper bag broke! No stains, No snags, no nothing! Liked it so much that I just bought a black Op Art Sabrina on Ebay. Enjoy!


Feb 24, 2009
I've used my amethyst Op Art Sabrina every day since I got her in mid July. She's holding up wonderfully so far, I don't see any wear or snags on her whatsoever. This may shock some fellow Coachies but I do not baby her a lot, she even gets set on the floor (:faint:) under my desk at work.


Aug 21, 2008
Eastern Iowa
I've had the black on black Lg. OpArt signature Sabrina since about 2 weeks after the Sabrina was 1st relased, and although she's certainly not carried everyday she's held up great!!! (She was purchased the 2nd week of Oct. of 2008!)

I wouldn't be anymore worried about the OpArt then any other signarure bag!

Now, if you were talking the actual satin bags like the resort OpArt and the scarf prints and Amanda satchels I'd be a little more concerned about snags. You'll have to be cautious with her, but no more then any other signature bag. I don't think you'd be at all upset or disappointed with the wear of the OpArt Garnet!!