Ootd + lv

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  1. love love love it!! your like a fabulous ray of sunshine with the pop of color!!!
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  2. Why are u taking the mrt with petite Malle? Hahaha I'm sure many people will look.
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  4. You look great, M!
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  5. Thank you!!
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  6. #4866 Aug 14, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
    Thank you for your kind word . I only use it once and the charm is back in the box . I am waiting for an LV bear to complete the charm . Using it alone it like incomplete. Post a photo of the charm in case some of you wondering how the charm look like
  7. Can't wait to see that bear!
  8. IMG_7934.JPG
    I remember using the Fendi one as a bracelet , you can try . I think is cool too . Sorry guy , I know this is LV thread . I add another LV ootd to stay in the topic IMG_3659.JPG
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  9. Super cute! Thanks for sharing
  10. Day of chores today with my favourite Milaris.

  11. LOVE this whole look!
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  12. Stunning ...love your top too:heart:
  13. This colour is everything! :girlsigh:
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  14. I agree ..sigh:love:
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  15. Thank you both for you lovely comments. This has to be my favourite bag ever. I love taking it out as it always attracts comments.
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