Oopsies: Post Your Forgetful Moments!!


Apr 1, 2007
ACK! So I just had a mental slap to the forehead moment! I was driving my dad's car to pick up my friend from somewhere, and when I got home and was ready to park I realized that I had never released the emergency break! I know that it's terrible for your breaks when you drive with it still engaged. Do you think that it damaged the car? I had only been driving about 10-15 minutes before I realized that so maybe it won't have done anything. I'm so paranoid that when my dad drives in his car tomorrow that it'll act up while he's in the middle of the freeway! :wtf: Someone ease my fears... lol

What are your rediculously forgetful moments? Ever done something that makes you just cringe thinking about it? Post it! We're all ears. This is a judgmental-free zone, afterall. :supacool:


tPF Bish
Jul 7, 2006
I had a day off from work a couple weeks ago, and I decided that the only place I was going was to this little bodega across the street from my building. I went in, bought what I needed to buy and left.

. . . . It wasn't until the next morning (on my way to work, after I got cash from the ATM) that I realized my wallet was missing! I figured it was either in the store or in my apartment.

During my lunch hour, I went back to the bodega to ask if they had seen it. Thankfully, they had and I was reunited with my baby!

I swear, while it was gone, it felt like a part of me was missing!

I must have put it down on the counter and forgot to put it back. Now I make it a point to never put the wallet down. It's either in my hand or back in my purse.


My little princess
Oct 25, 2007
UK, But from FL,USA
This is a good one...When I was in 8th grade my class went on a field trip to a museum about 2 hours from the town I lived in. I get motion sickness very easily, and I got sick all over the boy sitting in front of me. I still feel terrible about it 12 years later!