Oopsie! :(

  1. So today I took my mummies Louis Vuitton Suhali Le Fabuleux to

    school without asking her. Sometime throughout the day one of the

    studs fell off!! Im talking about the one's that are on the corners. So

    now I dont know what to do since I never expected this to happen. I

    will post some pictures of it but let me warn you they suck! My sister

    took my digital cam on her trip to Japan so I had to use my Razr's camera. Should I straight out tell her or just let her find out on her own?:cry::cry:
  2. dont fell bad mind did that too :sad:
    If its within a yr of the datecode they will send it off to be fixed. If its after it will cost you to have it repaired.

    Mine is on the back so it doesnt bother my so much, plus i didnt want to part with it.

    Makes it look loved and used.
  3. Thanks mine is also on the back on the right side:cry:
  4. wow thats horrible!!..tell you mom about it,and send it to LV asap to get it fixed =D...
  5. TELL HER ASAP!!! LV will fix the bag and you mom will appreciate your honesty!
  6. yes..tell her ASAP..
  7. Does this happen often? I really like this bag but if the studs come off then I'll probably change my mind about it.
  8. I dont think i would want one now if the studs fall off,I am sorry to here that it happened to yours cindylicious.
  9. Yeah, tell your mum & take it to the LV store for repair. Honesty is the best policy :smile:
  10. I agree that you should tell your mom and then get it fixed at LV. However, it makes me wonder about the quality of this bag.. It is so extremely expensive, so things like that shouldn't happen.. I have one on my mental wish list (I'll probably never get one though, lol), but now I'm not sure any more...

    However, good luck, I bet everyting will work out fine when you tell your mom and get it fixed :biggrin:
  11. Thanks everyone, I told her over the phone since she is at work and probably wont be home until 1 am and she took it rather well. :biggrin:
  12. Us Mom's how understanding lol.
  13. Same here!
  14. The corners are made exactly the same as MC speedy and I abuse mine (you would faint if you saw me:lol:) like crazy! So far so good!:yes: I wouldn't worry about it! I just got me a Le Fab and would be VERY UPSET if I lost a stud!:rant: I really think it's a rare case.
  15. that's great! good to hear things turned out alright. wow, your mom works hard!