1. To Vlad and all:
    I am very new to Purse Forum and LOVE it! I rarely post because I feel too old (46) and embarassingly old school in that I have NEVER conversed online with people I don't know. Yes, I know that is truly old school!
    I love the site for its wealth of information pertaining to my obssession for fine leather goods! ( I had no idea there were so many like me out there!)
    Anyway, I just read rules for sales of bags. I responded to a few request for a particular bag without realizing the rule regarding number of posts. A million apologies. I'm not sure how to proceed. But please know I dont mean to intrude on the rights of active members.
    So sorry.
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  2. Hi and welcome! You can PM Vlad or the mods if you have any questions or concerns. Please feel free to converse with any of us online since we ladies and gents here love to have members like you. Don't ever feel too old for anything because we are a large diverse group of individuals and we love to share inputs and learn about new info 24/7. Relax and have fun here in PF!! :P
  3. Welcome! We are all here to help each other...so feel free to PM us with any questions...ps-I am 36.....we are sooo NOT OLD!!!
  4. Thanks for understanding!
  5. Let me say welcome and you are not old I am 47.
  6. Welcome and there are plenty of us forty-somethings here at the Purse Forum to keep you company .... lol
  7. Welcome
  8. welcome to the purse forum- hope you enjoy it as much as i do!!
  9. Welcome!
  10. And let ME just say Welcome!! No need to feel old with me here, I am a Grandmother! (see my avatar)and I am having a great time getting and giving on this blog!!!
  11. Definitely! :P
  12. Welcome. You are definitely not the oldest. Time for me to come out of the closet: I'm 56. (How did that happen?)
  13. Welcome (again) :smile:
  14. Welcome! And you are definitely not old!!!! :o)
  15. Welcome! :biggrin: