Oops where did my period go?

  1. I have been on the pill on and off for the past 2 or so years. As of late, I have been experiencing some early spotting, lighter periods, heavier periods, etc. Nothing is expected anymore. Note, I have been on Yasmin for about a year now without stopping. Sometimes I do forget and double up the next day, only as the directions say to. Also, my SO and I RARELY see eachother and when we do, we really aren't THAT focused on having sex because we only get to see each other once or two times a month sometimes.

    ANYWAYS, My period was supposed to come on Sunday and it still hasn't. I'm scared out of my mind wondering why it hasn't come yet. If anyone has any similar stories or any advice of what I should (if its too early to get a test) please let me know! I'm freaking out here! lol. Or PM me if you don't want to post here.

  2. I can relate, I haven't been on time since April due to sickeness, meds, and stress, and it's annoying not knowing, especially if you have been on time for years. It's probably just from taking the pill that made it not on time, many other factors can cause your period to be late, such as stress. If you want to ease your mind, I would take a test just to be sure. Good luck!
  3. Mine is neve ever ever on time! I still skip alot of months b/c im young i guess and still irregular! I would give it a couple of more weeks to see if it shows up then maby take a test to calm your nerves!
  4. Is it too early to take a test? I literally freak out every time this happens, take a test and then I normally get my period that night. I really just hate waiting it out, because it stresses me even more.

    and why do the preg. tests have to be SOO expensive!?
  5. Ya they are expensive but iv found some at wal mart for like $4! Obviously they worked b/c i wasnt preg!If it's gonna make you feel better take a test so you dont have to waite it out and be thinking about it constantly! I would still waite a few weeks b/c it prolly is too early to tell!
  6. I think that some gyn offices and planned parenthood do the tests for free, I am not sure though, there is a sign on a gyn office in my town that says free preg. tests, so maybe go to one of those, and maybe they would be a bit more accurate that the ones at the store? I am not sure if it's early or not to take one, but I would take one now, and maybe the trend will continue and you will get your period tonight?
  7. I think I will go now :sad:. Geez, these things freak me out everytime.
    Wish me luck! I'll be back from walmart soon enough!