Oops~Washed leather gloves . . .

  1. :wtf: at first they went missing:confused1: . . . mentally traced my steps . . . usually put them in my winter vest pockets ... I washed the vest, so the pockets were empty. :shrugs: Went to do laundry and found one stuck to the side of the dryer! :sad: Filled the washer with laundry, started the water, then turned it off thinking the other glove might be stuck in there, with all the clothes already in it, and soaking I didn't take great effort to find it. It was in there! Tossed it in the dryer with all the clothes, I figure,:idea: it'll "match" the other washed one. Incredibly, they look fine! They lost a little lustre, so I moisturized them with Apple Leather Conditioner. My Lovely Brown Leather Cashmere lined gloves with nickel hardware look great! :yahoo:They're clean!:yes:
  2. :wtf: glad they lived!!!! :biggrin:
  3. Wow, that is amazing....says A LOT about Coach quality!
  4. Whew! I agree with sweetmelissa, goes to show you how durable and awesome Coach products are!
  5. I was prepared for a sad ending...but that's AWESOME! I'm glad your gloves are fine.
  6. That is awesome !
  7. OMG! I have those gloves in black. So glad to hear they survived the washer and dryer!
  8. Wow!!! That is amazing! I am so happy they are fine!
  9. Wow, you got lucky! I read the title and thought "Oh! no!". I'm glad they are ok.
  10. I opened this thread expecting to read the horrid demise of your gloves and I'm pleasantly surprised!!!!! Glad to hear all is well!!!
  11. I'm so glad they turned out fine! I know what it's like to "accidentally" wash something!
  12. i'm glad to hear that everything turned out alright
  13. I did the same thing. Didn't dry them. They where in the pockets of my jacket. Where they stayed though the whole wash. Didn't find them till they where completely dried. Yes when I took them out they where in a wrinkled ball. So I moisturized with coconut oil. And they are way better. There are still some wrinkles but I think over time they will loosen with more moisturizer.
  14. My mom has a coach bag in beige color that I gifted her almost 10 years ago. she loved it so much and the bag turned to very dirty condition. Before my mom gave up using it, we threw it to washer machine with a lot of other clothes. I even brushed the handle to try to get off the hand oil on it.

    After washed and air dried, the bag become much cleaner and the buttery touch of the leather still remains! the bag shape still keeps! My mom keeps using it till now. I became a huge fan of coach glove tanned leather goods since then. I never waste money on luxury goods, but I think the some well made Coach bags worth every penny.
  15. Excellent.