Oops~Washed leather gloves . . .

  1. :wtf: at first they went missing:confused1: . . . mentally traced my steps . . . usually put them in my winter vest pockets ... I washed the vest, so the pockets were empty. :shrugs: Went to do laundry and found one stuck to the side of the dryer! :sad: Filled the washer with laundry, started the water, then turned it off thinking the other glove might be stuck in there, with all the clothes already in it, and soaking I didn't take great effort to find it. It was in there! Tossed it in the dryer with all the clothes, I figure,:idea: it'll "match" the other washed one. Incredibly, they look fine! They lost a little lustre, so I moisturized them with Apple Leather Conditioner. My Lovely Brown Leather Cashmere lined gloves with nickel hardware look great! :yahoo:They're clean!:yes:
  2. :wtf: glad they lived!!!! :biggrin:
  3. Wow, that is amazing....says A LOT about Coach quality!
  4. Whew! I agree with sweetmelissa, goes to show you how durable and awesome Coach products are!
  5. I was prepared for a sad ending...but that's AWESOME! I'm glad your gloves are fine.
  6. That is awesome !
  7. OMG! I have those gloves in black. So glad to hear they survived the washer and dryer!
  8. Wow!!! That is amazing! I am so happy they are fine!
  9. Wow, you got lucky! I read the title and thought "Oh! no!". I'm glad they are ok.
  10. I opened this thread expecting to read the horrid demise of your gloves and I'm pleasantly surprised!!!!! Glad to hear all is well!!!
  11. I'm so glad they turned out fine! I know what it's like to "accidentally" wash something!
  12. i'm glad to hear that everything turned out alright