Oops' Purse Collection

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  1. I went and took a picture of my Coach purses collection. (One is missing, a soho satchel is being repaired at JAX.)

    Gardenia Leigh:love:
    Black Shoulder Bag:love:
    XL Belted Black Ergo:love:
    2 Whiskey Alis:love::love:
  2. Very nice. I so want a gardenia Leigh! I am kicking myself for not buying one when I saw it at the outlet. But I had just bought my raisin Leigh. And may I ask, why 2 whiskey Alis?
  3. YAY! Love your collection! So, so pretty... I am wondering as to why 2 whiskey Alis as well! Thanks for sharing xo
  4. Beautiful!!
  5. I love my gardenia leigh, someone on tpf said once of it that it reminds her of a marshmallow and it reminds me of one, too! :yes:
    I just bought those 2 whiskey alis at my outlet last night! They were $239 each after the 20% off. I was on their waiting list but they didn't even call me when these came in!! grrrrrrrr I was so lucky to be there when I did, they had four and the other two were whiskeys as well and they had problems with them like blackened spotty spots on the turnlock and dyed unevenly splotchy on the leather. I don't know why I grabbed two! These two are gorgeous, no problems. I'm looney-tunes I think!! I guess I waited so long for a whiskey Ali that I reacted greedily. I don't know yet what to do with the spare but DS suggested giving it to his mom for mother's day. Maybe. hehe
  6. heehee too funny!
  7. Beautiful collection!
  8. Well, for that price, I probably would have bought 2 as well! That's an amazing deal! I know someone would LOVE to receive one as a gift!
  9. I should take another pic of my charms and wallets but I've got to get ready to go to IHOP soon.
  10. Love your collection! :tup:
  11. That is a nice solid collection only top notch styles...
  12. Thank you!:smile: I was trying to stretch my dollars by only shopping at outlets and only buying the best. I think (truly hope) that I am done now. I'm going to have to resist all future beauties but it shouldn't be difficult with this great collection!:tup:
  13. I thought the same thing at one point...and I still can't resist buying more and more! I will never be done!
  14. Yep! Get 'em while the gettin's good I always say! For awhile I had given up on a whiskey Ali. When I saw them there on the shelf it took about 5 seconds for my brain to realize just what I was looking at then it kicked in that my ship finally came in! haha:yahoo:
  15. Gorgeous collection.

    So what is the ideal purse for IHOP? I was at the outlet last night and the SA was telling me she'd use this beautiful gold miniaudiere anywhere including Steak & Shake. :biggrin: