OOPS :P heehee

  1. Well, as my signature states, I'll break my "ban" (yeah, PSH, what ban) for a pirata gioco... so I began browsing eBay earlier in the evening, looking at toki bags that were ending soon and had low bids~ And I JOKINGLY bid on a 1st generation OP bella to see what the price would get to... and I actually ended up winning at $99 :p!?!!? haha so... a mistake in my favor? :biggrin: yayyy haha
  2. Congrats! It was in my watch list and the seller labeled it 3 zip bag or something. I already own enough OP print but that was a good buy though. :smile:
  3. Yeah, that was it! :biggrin: This is my first OP purchase... I didn't want to get 2nd gen because I wanted to see if I could stick it out and get a 1st someday - and it seems like that day came!!! :yes: Thanks :biggrin:
  4. Congratulations! I was watching that one too, but I didn't bid as I just got my OP Bella Bella (also a 3-zip purse :graucho:) from the Hawaii outlet. I love the print, though, it's so cute and bright!
  5. Congrats on your new purse! I love OP anything =) The cactus kids are so adorable :heart:
  6. Thanks!! I can't wait for my first piece~ When I saw the OP portas at Woodbury, it was all I could do to stop myself from getting one :p
  7. oooooh, lucky you! enjoy that great deal on a gorgeous bag :yahoo:
  8. great price! i got mine for 121.90 at the hawaii outlets and ended up trading it for a stellina which i sold.. i got a bella bella to replace it for 140 :biggrin:
  9. wow, someone scored a citta campeggio for 111 from that person because they didnt know how to spell tokidoki