Oops on prior post- but I know my next Coach

  1. I just made a newbie error on my prior post. I posted a new thread instead of replying to a post. :shame:

    Anyway, I have been wanting a brown signature Coach bag. I have a duffle, but I wanted something with more structure and I needed to be able to carry it on my shoulder. I went to the Coach store today and looked at the Chelsea signature satchel and the optic satchel. I really like the signature, but I decided to go with the optic as I think it will go with more since it has the varied shades of brown. I can't get it til next month, but I will get it.
  2. Welcome to tPF! I agree an optic satchel is a great choice. Khaki would go with just about anything.
  3. The Khaki Optic is my favorite! I have the metallic hobo, wallet and wristlet from summer 2006. It's just great, enjoy it! I was surprised and delighted to see it again for this fall!