OOPS! Offer accepted, I need help: which bags are going?

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  1. My best offer of £ 295 was accepted for this Elgin in Chocolate:


    I do have an Elgin in Black, which I am putting up for sale, for sure.

    I need to sell at least TWO other bags in order to release the pressure on my Master Card :nuts:

    These are my current bags:

    Alana in Chocolate

    Annie in Chocolate

    Roxanne i Antique glace

    Roxanne in Oak

    Large Mabel in Antique Chocolate

    Bayswater in Chocolate

    Ledbury in Chocolate

    Small Cameley i Black Congo

    I am thinking Alana and Annie since they spend most of their time in the dust bag, or should I let one of the Roxys go? Is it stupid to have TWO Roxys?
  2. Congrats on choc Elgin. I bought one a few weeks ago and have used it quite a lot already. Great bag!
    I would let the bags go that you do not use a lot, so yes Alana and Annie. But you must be real sure, as both those bags are not produced anymore. If it is stupid to have 2 Roxy's, then I am more stupid than you since I own 5 Bayswaters!:nuts:
  3. I don't think it's stupid to have two Roxys, but either go with the Chocolate theme and get rid of the Oak and Black, or I'd get rid of the two that sit in dustbags and never see the light of day. :smile:
  4. Hi, congrats on the elgin:tup: I have a choc one which I use once a week for my school teaching day. It's great so I'm sure you'll love it!

    However I'm interested to know, why don't you use your annie much? Is the elgin much different other than being bigger? I also had an alana but let it go as it frustrated me, not quite big enough & couldn't be hand held. Good looking bag though.

    Can't help with the roxys as I don't have one to help advise. Good luck though!
  5. No i don't think its stupid to have two Roxanne's other people have lots more than 2 of the same bag!! (example bc) I think you've already made your mind up about Annie and Alana - if you hardly use them then it should be time to let them go.

    I don't envy your situation through - cus if you love them it'll be hard - but you've already go rid of one bag so the transition should be less painful. good luck with it all though x
  6. lea - Elgin looks fabulous. Hope you love her as much as I love mine!!!!! I can't possibly be of any help to you in making a decision about which bags to sell, I have a difficult time parting with mine!!
  7. Congrats on the Elgin! And having two Roxys is def. not stupid! You have a nice collection, so get rid of what you don't use or feel emotionally attached to. Hard decision though, good luck.
  8. Congrats on the Elgin.

    Its okay to have 2 Roxy's if you use them both - if you don't then get rid of one of them.

    As Bagcrazy has said, think long and hard before you let the Alana or Annie go because they are not made anymore so are difficult to get hold of, so if you sell them and regret it, you'll find it hard to replace them.
  9. Choco Elgin- gorgeous!!!!
    Sell the bags you use least unless you can see an occasion / time in the future when you might use them more. If you like carrying the roxanne style it's not silly having two.
  10. :P she says because she's got 2 phoebes now!!!! Haha
  11. Wow, I've always loved the chocolate Elgin - congratulations!

    How often do you use the Alana and Annie? If it's infrequently then I'd consider letting them go. You have other chocolate bags to fill their void so chances are you won't miss them.

    You have two Roxys - how often do you use them both? If you use both more than the Alana and Annie, then they should stay.

    If in doubt, wait it out, before you kick any out.

  12. erm yeah, now have 2 antony's and 2 phoebes and I know the choco ones will get the most use!!!
  13. I have a few Roxys and love and use them all so I don't think it's a bad thing to have two. I also have an Annie and an Alana. I'm thinking of selling the Alana as I too find it too small and not very user friendly. I know exactly what you mean.
  14. i would say get rid of one roxanne def a roxanne
  15. Thank you every one for taking the time!

    blueberryuk: I don't tend to use Annie a lot because I find her a bit to small to use as a work bag and also because of the straps, they don't fit to well on my shoulder, especially not with a winter coat.

    I know that Elgin and Alana will be put up for sale but I am still hesitating between Annie and Roxy in oak (I know I could easily find her again if I should regret her while Roxy in Antique Glace and Annie might be harder to find).