Oops; no cell phone pocket in a sloane?

  1. OK Sloane owners....has this style always been without a cell phone pocket???:confused1:
  2. No cell phone pocket in any of my sloanes, just a very large zipped pocket. Very annoying isn't it...
  3. Surprising, isn't it? At first I felt it was thoughtless of BV, but when you consider the bag's design I think a phone would fall out of a cell-pocket any time you set the bag down and the walls go horizontal. So I've since forgiven BV :p and keep my cell in the large zipped pocket or its own small pouch :tup:
  4. Yep, no cell phone pocket in my OP sloane...
  5. I found this surprising as well, I guess I've just got used to cell phone pockets in my bags!
  6. I thought of that too, but it's still keeping me from taking the plunge for a Sloane. There must be some sort of middle ground... :sad:
  7. Do other BVs have cell phone pockets? My sloane was my first (and currently only) so I thought it was normal for BV to not have one...? :s
  8. ^The Veneta and Campana do have cell phone pockets!
  9. I carry one of the larger Blackberrys and it's never fit into any of the slim cell phone pockets in any of my purses. So not having one in this bag wouldn't be that much of a drawback.... depends on your cell model, I guess!
  10. The BV cell phone pockets never really work for me anyway. I have a normal sized phone, but because the pocket is soft floppy suede, I find it kind of a pain to get the phone in there - I actually need both hands. So I tend to just drop it into my bag and use the pocket for smaller things like my flash drive. Is it just me? The phone pockets in Celine bags are heaven to me in comparison.
  11. ^^I agree about the suede pockets-can't get my phone in and out without a struggle. I use the pocket for my lipbalm and lipstick.
  12. hi mundodabolsa, both my veneta and montaigne have cell phone pockets, but my cell keeps slipping out because it's very slim so not much use there. plus it's quite annoying that the blackberry is too large to fit in ether.
  13. Thanks for all the comments! The pyramid and new ball have pockets so I naturally assumed the sloane would have one.....ITA with those of you who weighed in on the difficulty of getting a phone in and out of the suede pocket because of the slouchiness. Some days it's a breeze and other days I lose my patience and just throw the phone in the bag.
  14. For the Veneta only the larger one has.
  15. Am I the only one who doesn't use the cell phone pocket in their Veneta? :roflmfao:

    I am afraid I will stretch it out. :shame:

    Maybe I should have gotten a Sloane instead? :p