Oops just bought another one!!!!!

  1. I've wanted the Phoebe in oak for ages, which will now complete my collection.
    I only just bought the Hanover in magenta so didn't want to buy another one just yet......
    However, Sara Jane mentioned they were at the Bath outlet reduced!!
    Have just ordered a Phoebe in oak for £297...
    It seemed too good an offer to resist and I will definately put this one under the Xmas tree!!
    I was going to buy the small purse for £150 but it seemed just a few pounds more to buy this lovely bag instead.
    Hope I've done the right thing...I don't have a Mulberry in oak but I love this style but haven't seen it IRL??
  2. Wow- I`m impressed another one!!.
    I rang the york shop and asked about the phoebe in sage and then bottled out.
    My husband would kill me-after just buying mabel!

    But you go girl , i`m impressed .
    you will have to get them all together and post pic`s on here,

    What a nugget its olive not sage!!!!!!!

  3. The oak Phoebe is gorgeous :heart: - the style really suits the colour. It's a fab purchase at that price, too. What a lovely present on Christmas morning!

    I am considering the olive Phoebe but am thinking that, at some point, I'll try and get an olive Roxanne. I really want a black Phoebe, though, so hopefully they'll get one in soon :yes:
  4. Tara, what colour is sage? Is it olive or apple? Or a different colour entirely?!
  5. :tender:You English ladies are hilarious...being able to buy such great deals... I can't even SEE a Mulberry, much less buy one. I'm enjoying your purchases from afar!:girlsigh:
  6. Sorry its me being a nugget

    I meant olive!!:p
  7. Tara I'm selling one more beloved Radley signature bags to help fund it!!
  8. Rachiem-How many bags have you got.
  9. I have the 5 mulberry bags now, but down to my last 3 Radleys (I had about 15 at one point), 1 Gucci and 2 DKNY and 2 Russell and Bromey. I have half the amount of bags than I did last year and my wardrobe looks less cluttered but smells better. I think now my collection is complete!! (hopefully)
  10. Easier said then done,once you have caught the BAG Bug there``s always another one around the corner
    But I am suitably impressed with your collection-wow

    If I didn`t have 2 kids and a morgage the size of India I`d be there with you:graucho:
  11. Tara, 2 kids, a mortgage, a loan but a very friendly credit card!!
  12. Well done Rachie! Since buying my Emmy I have acummulated 8 Mulberry bags in a year! Am dying to see pics of your collection!

    O/T but does everyone on the Mulberry forum have 2 kids?! Or is it just rachie, Tara and myself?!
  13. Congratulations Rachiem! :tup:I was looking to buy Phoebe in oak for many months and was told they are discontinued and no longer in shops. I managed to get one in House of Fraser Bluewater in July and it was £416 on sale and I was over the moon. You got it for £297, wow that's a real bargain, especially for oak colour!:nuts: I called the outlets and they had it for £416 as well, evidently they reduced it recently.

    Good things come to those who wait - I don't like waiting unfortunately, got panicky that it will disappear and won't get it at all.

    It's my favourite Mulberry bag with Annie - cannot decide which I prefer because they are both beautiful and iconic in my opinion. Well done!
  14. I have two kids! About to go to college. So my purchases have to be on sale. Except Mulberry doesn't go on sale in the U.S. ... So, I save up and buy. My next purchase: Bayswater. Then Antony. Then Roxanne.
  15. So am I, a mother of two, am jobless and yet spending $$$ instead.:sweatdrop: I've just acquired 2 Balenciaga bags, 3 Mulberry, 1 Kate Spade and 1 Coach, ever since I've joined this forum!!! That's a lot within 2 months??!!!:graucho: I'm not counting 1 Gucci, 3 Louis Vuitton that I've bought less than 6 months ago. And I was so close to winning an Emmy just now but lost. I'm so sad as I'm lemming after an Emmy in Oak although I'd prefer it in Chocolate.:crybaby:Guess I'll have to wait for another up for auction, hope it's Chocolate this time.:girlsigh: