OOPS :) I went shopping again!!! :) hehe and found out some interesting turnlock info

  1. :smile: I had a fun afternoon @ coach, i love these 2 SA's @ the coach in Soho, Jessie and Jessie, one is a guy one a girl and they are both so nice, Ive met him before but not her.
    As i am Bessie i fit right in with Jessie and Jessie :smile:

    So i had a wallet (framed french legacy one) and it was a little damaged inside and new so i didnt want to use it sooo i went to exchange it :smile:

    I left with the ergo wallet, The watercolor scarf and a new cell lanyard to match my phone :smile:!

    I also got a few adorable FREE bracelets!!!! If you ask about them most stores have them and will give them to you YAY!! :smile:

    And while we were chatting we were talking about the Ergos and the turnlocks and remember when everyone was worried their turnlocks would break because there were a number of people who had that problem?

    Well apparently Coach had decided on a turnlock (the current ones, but they were $$) and so they decided to try a different version of it and did one round release of bags with the cheaper turnlocks (the very 1st round of bags with turnlocks were the only ones that used these)

    And all these people started having theirs break, SOO now they only use the high quality ones
    so no one whos bought their bag anytime recently should worry @ all about it breaking

    (i remember reading that some ladies didnt even want to use the turnlock pockets because they were scared it would break!)

    So yea just wanted to share that as well with you guys!

    :smile: thanks for looking YAAAAY SHOPPING!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the info I have been afraid to use my turnlock on my Legacy bag.

    I love all your purchases!

    I just bought the same cell phone lanyard in the pink color yesterday!
  3. I want a free Coach bracelet! thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks for the info. I LOVE your new wallet! SO CUTE.
  5. Beautiful treasures you purchased!

    I had wondered about the turnlock closures b/c I'd seen some Coach bags o eBay with broken turnlocks, and I wondered how the heck that had happened? I'd seen several so I thought it might be a certain production run. I bought my Ali shoulder flap early, so I hope I don't have the same fate.

    I just love the turnlock, but if I'm afraid to use it, it kinda misses the point of owning it.

  6. That wallet is so cute! Wow, free bracelets - i'll have to check that out...
    Jessie, Jessie & Bessie Rock!
  7. love your purchases. thanks for the turnlock info (not weary of buying a pond shoulder bag anymore haha).
  8. Thanks for the info, Bessie!

    Gotta LOVE free Coach stuff!

    Are the free bracelets a new thing? How did you find out about them?
  9. Cute stuff! Those bracelets are adorable.
  10. Great stuff! I love the wallet -- am thinking of getting the same on in black!
  11. helpl!!! slush, congrats! Love the wallet.

    Weren't those bracelets given out when the perfume first came out? I WANT one but my store didn't give them out... :crybaby:
  12. I bought that ponytail scarf but returned it supidly. I love it, its so cute. I might have to rebuy it hehe. Good job on your finds. I wish my cell phone was capable with the lanyard :sad:
  13. nice choices!
  14. Your stuff is cute! I think it's a bit creepy that Coach jacks up the prices on their bags then tries to get away with using cheap hardware. The whole reason I like Coach in the first place is that they are supposed to have quality products. :mad:
  15. Great purchases - love the wallet. Now I'm not so worried about my turnlocks - hope Coach learned a valuable lesson.