Oops- I Ordered a Black Matelasse on Bluefly!

  1. Last night I found myself on the Bluefly site and lo and behold- they had a med Balenciaga matelasse in black on the site. I have lusted after this bag for at least a year, everytime I see one in Saks I pick it up and play with it. Last night I finally gave in and purchased it.

    But now- I'm starting to worry about authenticity.

    I read that Bluefly puts a paper tag around the straps and you can't return the bag if you remove the tag-

    Is it possible to authenticate the bag with that tag in place- in other words- can you look inside the bag without ripping the tag?

  2. Yes, no worries, sparkle! The paper tag is just around one of the handles - at least, that's how it was one my GH city from Bluefly. And it was authentic, FWIW. Congrats!
  3. Congrats for ur new purchase....don't forget to post pics....we are excited abt it!!
  4. I adore that bag; I went back and fourth on it for a while. Congrats!!!
  5. congrats! i think a few PF'ers have gotten matelasses from bluefly and they've been authentic. i have the same bag- you will love it!
  6. can't wait to see her