oops! i only meant to the new east west flap . . . ^_^

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  1. so i *only* went to chanel today to take a look at the new east west flap, which btw i fell in love with :heart: but then i was browsin around when i saw the new metal & strass star jewelry! so not only did i got home with the east west, i got the earrings and necklace too!!! pictures follow:

    Chanel east west flap bag




    metal & strass earrings/necklace:

    Attached Files:

  2. wowza!LOVE that bag and the jewelry is adorable...congrats!
  3. Congratulations!!! Gorgeous bag and accessories!!!
  4. pretty cool bag!
  5. oo lovely match!
  6. Congrats, I love the earrings! =)
  7. gorgeous purchases...i love the bag in shoppin tote (large size), jus wonderin if they are in the store already?

    COngrats, any modeling pics??
  8. congrats! Gorgeous buys.
  9. it's a nice bag but i must say that i'm falling in love with the necklace :drool:
  10. I love the bag...the color is just TDF :smile:
  11. very nice... congrats
  12. pretty..congrats
  13. love that ad bag and that jewlery is beautiful- enjoy!
  14. Love the bag! congrats on all your new chanel.
  15. congrats, love it