Oops, I may have turned my little brother into an LV addict!


Feb 9, 2007
My youngest brother recently graduated from college, so I thought I'd congratulate him with a little LV treat, and his first LV. I bought him a damier porte cartes simple, and for a little LV it's such a great piece! The price is excellent ($165) and it holds more than I thought. He loves it so much and actually said "I've always something from LV!" My brother managed to fit two or three cards in each of the pockets and a wad of cash in the middle compartment. He loves it, and said he's looking forward to his next LV. We went to LV in South Coast Plaza yesterday and his head was spinning as he was looking at all the shoes, luggage, wallets and ties!

FYI for you SoCal TPFers, at Fashion Island there was a similar card holder in graphite, but it's vertical. I can't remember the exact cost, but it's in the $240 range, and it's gorgeous! And at the SCP location there are is a graphite keepall and duffel bag on display and I absolutely LOVE them! I wouldn't normally purchase LV luggage, but I'd definitely get these...they are absolutely stunning!!

Oh yeah, here are some photos of my bros card holder and what it can hold. Sorry for the blurry pics, they were taken with my cell phone.


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Awww now he loves LV like us haha! Now I want thar damier porte cartes simple too! Looks so nice and so cheap!