Oops, I Did It Again!!

  1. Well I did it!! I just now ordered the Popincourt Haut and Mono Speedy 30 thru Eluxury. What's good about the Popincourt Haut is that I place it in my Eluxury shopping cart before the price hike and I got it for $785 instead of the current price of $825. I don't when to stop!!
  2. sorry, had a few beers tonight so excuse my spelling Yet again. I should have put I don't KNOW when to stop. LOL
  3. What kind of beer? I love Heineken :lol: Anyway, congrats to you! I got my Damier Speedy too before the price hike. Post pics for us!
  4. Oh the cheap stuff Bush Light bottles. My favorite beer is Corona. I love that stuff.
  5. Lucky you, getting it for the before price!!
  6. Well I was undecided about the Popincourt Haut, so I put it in my shopping cart just in case I wanted it later. So I'm glad that I did. Now I'll have two Mono Speedies. I have a 25 now, so the 30 will be nice on other occasions. I was looking at some of the 30's on eBay, but I figured that I'll just get a brand spankin' new one from Eluxury.
  7. :yahoo: Congrats on you purchase and savings!!!!;)
  8. Thanks everyone!! Can't wait to get them. I'm an LV Slave now!! Haha
  9. missypoo - woo hoo!!! Corona!!! woo hoo!!! 0o0o0o congrats on the great steal!!! cant wait till you get them!!! woo hoo new LV bags!!!
  10. i can't believe the PH is up to $825!! it has gone up over a HUNDRED dollars since I first bought mine last year.
  11. Yippie, now we're Popincourt twinsies !
  12. Congrats! Those are the two bags I currently have and love them both, but especially the PH. :heart:
  13. congrats, post pics when you get them! :biggrin:
  14. YAY!!! CONGRATS!!!:yes: LOVE both bags!!!
  15. Thanks everyone!! I'll post pics when they arrive. Can't wait.
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