Oops. I. Did. It. Again. Keep all 4 and go to Ban Island or keep 2 along with my sanity?

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Which should I keep?

  1. Boy and Borse Romane in light pink

    65 vote(s)
  2. 2 Crochet flaps

    7 vote(s)
  3. All 4!!

    7 vote(s)
  1. So. Here we go again! I've had a little bonus this quarter and (of course) decided to set my sights on the ridiculously expensive world of Chanel to drain my wallet! I found one I liked, and then 2, and oh yeah, then 2 more. Ugh.

    AND I decided after all to keep my top handle black boy, and made peace with it, and we are now in a good relationship groove! I've figured out what he can and can't handle, and he is respecting my needs, so we are back ON!

    Attached are pics of the 4. The boy (I had not seen this before in the camel) is stunning IRL (comes tomorrow). The Borse Romane in light pink is amazing, and perfect size for that day bag for travel and errands and lunches and shopping. It's a great alternate neutral.

    Now comes the hard part. I thought I would not like these in person. But SA was like, take a look at them and see. I live in cool hippie boho chic mountain town where these would actually work. But they are the crochet flaps from cruise 2016. I am sure for most this will be a love or hate moment.

    What do you guys think??

    Attached Files:

  2. Well first off, congrats on your bonus! I gotta say I love the color of that top handle boy! Looks fantastic! However, I tried this bag in the denim/blue color and the top handle just didn't work for me. Since it sounds like this style works for you, I say this one is a keeper for sure. I think the crochet bags are really neat and unique, but they wouldn't work for me, so I can't really speak to those. And I am not sure how I feel about the quilting pattern on the light pink bag, so can't really offer much on that one. Hopefully, once you have all these in hand, your decision will be easier! Good luck deciding! Hope you share some mod shots!
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  3. Congrats on your bonus!!! I really like the top handle boy! The others not so much... Good luck deciding!
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  4. Lol i always enjoy your reveal. You have great taste and all the bags are beautiful. Keep them all, i think every piece is very unique
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  5. All Chanel's are gorgeous!

    I would only keep one crochet. Two is one too many as prett as they are. Keep the one that suits you best.
    You only need one boy, as pretty as that new one is! Perhaps you should just keep your black boy.
    You seem to really like the pink borse romane.

    Bores romane and one crochet.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to respond! Funny enough my husband HATES the borse romane. He said it looks like an old lady bag in and old lady bag color! It's a bit pasty IRL. Very pretty but not "pee my pants" pretty. The crochet are a dilemma. So unique. Bono cool. But very striking and not subdued at all! I guess the crochet was made by hand in the Chanel house. Thus the crazy price point. Omg. Boy I love. The handle makes the difference for me. And the camel color is an amazing staple. Ahhhh decisions!!!
  7. That was my husband's exact opinion as well!!!
  8. Thank you so much for responding!! So ok with the boy. I sort of had to spend some $$ with my SA for an exchange and this killed it for me. I've seen this in blue, red, silver, burgundy and this camel. I had not seen it until I walked into her store. So this was the solid choice for the exchange??

    And then there were 3. My OCD collecting is such a problem. Literally my brain would not let me pick one of the 2. I am sure that sounds like insanity but welcome to my mind where no one should enter in alone. (I am actually a very good therapist though I promise!). So there it would be 2 or 0.

    And my husband just came home and told me the borse looks like a granny bag. Wtf.
  9. I think after hubs comments I think we are down the borse. For sure I would have thought he would have hated the crochet the most! Nope. The borse.
  10. That's fantastic that you were able to find so many that you like! Pick the one that is representative of your bonus, big accomplishment so every time you use the bag, you'll feel even better!
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  11. You are funny OP! I'm glad you made peace with your top handle Boy :lol: Choosing bags can be a dilemma, that's for sure. You'll no doubt get different responses from each person, and everyone has different tastes. I would pick one or two, and the rest would go back. My opinion. lol Which one(s) do you see yourself using the most, and when you try it on, it makes you smile? :smile: I recently purchased two very different denim Chanel bags, I'm sure a lot of ladies wouldn't buy one, but I buy the one which work for my lifestyle and makes me happy!
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  12. Good points and questions!!! Great response! Ok. The most solid of all of them for me, long term use, sturdiness, timelessness and sort of my style is the boy in camel. The crochet are super fun and unique. Very different but fragile. Not great daily bags. And for that are they worth $4800 each? Ugh. The borse might be just a little TOO refined for me!
  13. I am probably in the minority here......I love the crochet bags, especially the blue/purply one. It would work where I live too, imo. Good luck deciding!! :heart::heart:
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  14. Can you cross body the crochet?
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  15. Totally. Length of the straps are perfect crossbody even for my height ;)
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