oops I did it again...(and pics of Woodbury score)

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  1. LOL - I have a red gaucho tote on the way to me...hopefully will be here by Friday.


    I have always been hesitant of this style, thought it was too big when I saw it on Jennifer Lopez; but, I thought I would give it a try and if I don't like it I can always send it back.

    Also...I finally took pics from my Woodbury Commons outing - so....As soon as I upload them to my photobucket account I will post them here!!
  2. so while in NY at Woodbury I bought 3 Dior items:

    A leather wallet for $240 (from the flight collection I believe), the new Diorspeed 2 sunnies (not marked down, but I fell in love with them), and a wool and cashmere pea coat that was marked down from $2600 for $315!!! :yahoo:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. some more: Sorry for the "in-the-mirror" pictures, my DH takes no part in my photographing shopping exploits! :P

  4. wow, such a nice pea coat! congrats on the bargains!
  5. What great deals! I really like your wallet and sunnies, but I have to admit I'm head over heals for that coat. Its look fabulous on you. Congrats!
  6. Thanks guys!!!

    I was having doubts on the coat last night when I tried it on and photographed it - but, hearing your kind remarks renews my faith that it was a great buy!! :flowers:
  7. The coat looks amazing and you look STUNNING!!!
    Great purchases and great bargains too!!!!
  8. Awesome coat!!! so stylish..
    May I ask how much for sunglasses? Very gorgous!
  9. The coat is TDF, it is gorgeous :drool:
  10. Loganz u r a bad girl ! :okay:i think we will have to start a read gaucho tote club soon seems like it becomes the most popular buy ! :tup:

  11. The sunglasses were $350. :Push: It is alot I know, but, I just loved them so much!!
  12. O0o0o0o0o I love your peacoat its gorgeous!
  13. Very nice. Love the coat, congrats!
  14. loganz, that coat is a keeper! it looks great on you, you should post it up in the dior action thread. :yes:

    love the wallet and the sunnies too, especially the wallet. any chance you might want a matching dior flight bag to keep the wallet company? :graucho: NM has a dior flight bag on sale at the moment. ;)

    off topic but... :drool::drool: at your bling!
  15. OMG - I love that coat - I've never been lucky enough to get a deal like that - congratulations!