Oops...got the Blue India Part Time!!!

  1. I received what was supposed to be my BI Work bag this morning...but it turned out to be a Part Time! I love the color, and the fact that it is smooooth and non-veiny, but :crybaby: I just don't think I can do this style!! It is too short ...won't serve the needs I was hoping it would e.g., carrying my laptop and files!!!

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! Did you call them already? I really hope you can get what you really want!
  3. sorry, fiat! but definitely return the part-time since you already had your heart set on the work style-i think the work will definitely better accomodate your laptop and files *hugs* and don't forget to request them to send you a "smooth and non-veiny" work if that's what you prefer;) :flowers:
  4. Sorry to hear you got the wrong style (but in the right color). At least you got to see how pretty the BI color is IRL. :sad: Hopefully they will have a BI Work for you very, very soon. :smile:
  5. :sad: oh fiatflux I hope it gets all sorted out very soon!!! :wlae: I'm sorry this has happened to you!
  6. I second returning it since you didn't get what you wanted! No sense in keeping something you don't LOVE:yes:
  7. Oh that stinks, definately return it for the style you want.
  8. Sorry Fiat !!!
    I hope you''ll find your BI Work !!!!!!
  9. Hey ... well ... about 10 minutes after I posted that first message, I decided this is a keeper! I realized it solves every problem of the City ... IF ONLY they would have kept it the same DEPTH as the City!!! I really, really love having a shoulder strap, so I was a little apprehensive about getting the Work style.

    You know how we had been posting our wishlist of what we would want Balenciaga to change about the current styles? My wishlist for the City was:

    1. longer strap (check)
    2. bigger inner/outer pockets (check)

    I just don't understand why they made the decision to make this bag so shallow ... what were they thinking!?!?

    Anyway, as imperfect as it is for my needs, I'm keeping my baby... *lol*
  10. So Happy Blue India Ending !!!!

    Congrats Fiat !!!
  11. congrats.sss let see pictures ^_^~
  12. oooh, another Bal love story!!! I'm so happy for you!!!!
  13. I will post pics ... oh and I forgot to mention that I love the fact that I can wear this messenger style comfortably!!! I am not small either ... I am 5'8.5" and ... shall we say ... "top heavy" ;)
  14. I'm so glad you decided to keep it. BI PT is high on my desirability list! I think it's a gorgeous color, and the PT such a versatile bag with a great profile.
  15. I agree about the pockets. I need more. And I would like a cell phone pocket on the inside of the bag. I use the outside pocket for my cell, would rather have an inside one. So glad you like your new bag!