Oops, forgot to put return address on $1K bag...

  1. I bought a Chanel bag from Bluefly, returned it with their UPS ground delivery sticker, and I forgot to write my return address on the box.

    Please tell me this isn't a big deal...
  2. Do you have the tracking number from the sticker? I think it will be just fine.
  3. If you used their sticker, it is not a big deal. The address is valid. Plus you put the order form on the inside bit explaining why you returned it right?
  4. it should be fine..I did that once with an item I returned to Shopbop, I just called them and told them in advance that, that tracking number belonged to me and to forward that info to the returns department, you should be fine!
  5. You will be fine...the label has all the info. they need and you used UPS. The only thing I might do is call them and let them know when you sent it and give any info you have. They can then type it in their system just in case.

    Also, always photocopy those sheets you stick in the box with the return (or scan it) it is nice to have a copy just in case.
  6. I don't think it's a big deal at all Annie and since you have the tracking number and the order form inside, they should be able to track it to your account.

    I really wish I used their prepaid shipping label instead of shipping it back with USPS. *bangs head*
  7. Thanks for the reassurance, guys!