Oops...Forgot to Cancel Chocolate Pocket Pre-Order

  1. To my surprise, a medium chocolate pocket paddy arrived at my door this morning. Oops, forgot to cancel a pre-order with Nordstrom. ET, These pics are for you!
    Chocolate Pocket 003.jpg Chocolate Pocket 002.jpg
  2. THANKS SoCal! What are you going to do? I LOVE the chocolate color now, but I think I am done with Chloe for a while.
  3. SoCal - I wish I were a mouse in your closet :love:
  4. 2nd pic is yummy.

    Keep or return?
  5. OMG...I am taking it to Nordstrom SCP later this afternoon... Cannot have competition for affection...chocolate Ramona is my current go-to girl!
  6. Oh... she's gorgeous!!! Ahhh!!! Too bad she's going bag! She's absolutely lovely!
  7. Love the chocolate, yummy! Congrats.:P
  8. Oh SoCal you have so much bag fun. I never get surprises on my stoop....
  9. Did Chucky run them all off? :lol:
  10. Actually CHUCKY was a surprise!! :smile: :evil: :amazed:
  11. Chocolate pocket is now "housed" at Nordstrom SCP. Stopped in briefly yesterday...the "regulars" were there...saw quite a few bags in taupe, including a shopping bag...large Chamois Edith was also available...
  12. SoCal, we have a medium chamois request (not for me!)...did they have any of those in stock?
  13. Just saw large...didn't ask about other sizes... I did not want any Chloe temptation...now waiting for the pre-Fall b-bags...
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