oops---did I make a mistake? drop length questions

  1. Good morning everyone.
    First of all, let me tell you that I live in an area that is crawling with fakes---very few authentics running around town.
    Second, the closest place to my area where you can see an authentic LV is almost 4 hours from here.
    Almost a year ago, I was in Las Vegas (I am amazed at all the boutiques in LV) and I thought that I had decided on what I wanted. Ever since then, I have been saving pennies and finally ordered what I THOUGHT I wanted off ELux on Tuesday last week before prices went up.
    Currently, I carry a Looping MM. Too small. I am a 30-something mommy of a 4 year old and need to carry toddler related items as well as my regular items in my bag. I love my looping. But I have carried her for almost 5 years now and it is time for her to retire.
    So, I order the Cabas Piano. It came on Friday afternoon. I was surprised that the length of the straps were so short. I am 5'7" and a little heavy (ok, so I haven't taken off all the baby weight---grrr---not overly heavy---just a little heavy). If I don't have a coat on, the length of the straps probably wouldn't be an issue. But if I had a coat on, and yes, it is coat season in the midwest, that bag is not going over my shoulder.

    So--here is my questions---will the straps stretch on the bag?
    If I decide to exchange the bag--and say, get a BH or a BV--are the straps longer on those bags?
    Keep in mind again, I am 4 hours away from any LV bags, so going to a boutique and "trying them on" is not an option.
    I really like the size of the Piano, so that is why I am thinking the BH or BV, they **appear** that they are approx the same size.
    My hesitation with the BH or Bv is that they don't **securely** close---no zipper top. Does anyone have a problem with stuff falling out of their bh or bv bags?
    Or, if anyone has any other suggestions of bags with longer straps that I might like, I would appreciate your opinions.
    Sorry this is so long!
    p.s. I don't want a noe!
    TIA! Michele
  2. The Azur Saleya MM has longer shoulder straps. So does the Monogram Canvas Hudson. The Manhattan GM too. You could do live chat with Eluxury and ask. I am sure they have all the stats available.
  3. Here is a picture of PF member xoAKIxo's BH with it closed and opened:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hope this helps!
  4. OK--just got off the phone with elux---had the nicest associate on the phone! Anyway, just so everyone knows, the drop on the piano and mezzo is 9.5inches, the BV and the BH are 10, and the babylon is 11.5.
    So, for a 1/2 inch should I trade to a BH or BV? I am already watching pennies, so I can't go to the Babylon. (I think it's too big anyway)

    What I would gain by switching to the BH / BV would be getting rid of the vachetta bottom, which I had totally forgotton about from my LV boutique visit in January.

    Hmmm......so many choices....:confused1::confused1:
  5. ^^the drop on the piano is 8 inches. that's why you feel like the straps are too short. i would suggest the BV. the straps are longer (9.5 inches) and it's an all-around great bag. i have never had anything just *fall* out of the bag.
  6. I feel that the 1/2 inch will not make a big difference ... I would like my BH's straps to be longer. With the winter comming and the big coats I just hope that I will stilll love my BH. I already find it difficult to fit it over my leather coat.
    From what I've read here the Babylone is a little bulky and heavy even empty.

    At one point I was considering changing the BH for a Damier Parioli because of the straps being to short...:crybaby: (I'm still looking for prices on Ebay)
    The things are not falling out from the bag (I have a large Purseket inside) and when it's on your shoulder everything stays in place since it's secured by your hand.
    All in all it's a great mommy bag (I have a 5yo) especially if you live in a pleace where you never see snow (not my case unfortunatelly:crybaby:)
  7. We don't get snow...we get ICE! Here in southwest Missouri I bet we haven't had a significant snow in 4-5 years. We will get a little dusting occassionally...but never any that is enough that you have to scoop your driveway or sidewalk.
    Thanks for the input. Will put all this information in my hat and see where it goes...