Oops..Alma doesn't have a lock...do I need one?

  1. My Alma didn't come with a lock! Do I need one? I sort of feel like I need one to complete the classic look of the Alma!

    Does LV sell locks? What is the $? Should I try eBay?

    Oh, and a big shout-out to DesigningStyle for spurring me on the get the Alma..I'm so glad you did...the is one I'll keep forever!!!!:yes:
  2. Neither of my 2nd hand Speedys' came with locks, so I bought them. One from eBay, and the other from the store last week. They're not expensive, in fact I often see them selling for more than retail on eBay! Mine was AUD$38. :smile:
  3. Call 1866 or go to your local boutique. If I'm not mistaken, a new lock only cost US$25.00. Congratz on the LVoely Alma!
  4. If its new call lv and have them send you one. If its used, yes you can go to lv and pick one up for a bout 25$ or keep an eye on ebay.

    Personally I think its just the look, as the Mc alma's dont have locks and no place for them.
  5. I just bought a new lock from LV for my speedy...it was $25.
  6. LVBliss, You are great! Thanks for the shout! I hear you!

    Yes, get her a lock...they are so pretty and I know Alma wants one!

    Have a great weekend together.
  7. you can ussally get them for free...if ur sa is nice hehe

    last time i was buying a few things i asked and they gave :smile: it was fun haha and it wasnt a regular sa or anything! :smile: i think im going to get another extra one to wear as a necklace on a leather cord or something! i love them they are so cute! :smile: and even if its 25 bucks, thats the cheapest lv thingy ull EVER get hehe!
  8. I use juicy charm instead of lock for mine since I never use the lock to lock my bags anyways. :graucho:
  9. Hi,
    If it was new from the store, ask for one for free. If from eBay or private sale, sure, you can get one. My opinion is that the lock is a nuisance actually on the bag, though. So I don't use it. But if you ever would resell it, it would be nice to have one to offer with the bag.

    Congrats on the Alma, it's one of the greatest of all time. :tup:
  10. hi there, i too got a new alma on ebay with help from rebecca and john. it too didn't have a lock, but i ordered one from an lv boutique for $25. i put it on the alma, but i think it looks a bit odd, imo. good luck and isn't tpf great?
  11. That is a great idea! I bet it is adorable!
  12. i always take my locks off. I don't like how on the speedies the the tab turns black from the lock.
  13. I think the lock just adds that extra special touch, especially since the Alma is already an icon. Get it! :tup:
  14. I got my Damier Alma from Neimans in 2004 - no lock came with it. When I asked I was told a lock did not come with this bag.
    hmmm, go figure.....then I came to tPF and found out some of these SAs don't know everything.
    Enjoy that Alma!
  15. i have speedy bags and i have not used the locks at all..no use actually. not even as decoration..