Ooops...I just couldn't resist!!

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  1. The UPS man has been very early today :yahoo:
    I apologise in advance for the poor picture quality, having to use my iPhone because I can't find my camera!
  2. oooo exciting, waiting for dhl man myself!
  3. Hurray!!! I was just thinking it would be nice to have a reveal this morning!! xx
  4. Something catnip scented?
  5. Oooh bagmadbag, hope he hurries up!!
    Glad I can oblige loopy :graucho:
    Jenova, I think they just love the smell of cardboard and delivery drivers! :nuts:
  6. I'm hoping it is a Ginger Hayden!! xx
  7. Do delivery drivers smell then? I am always to excited to sniff them.
  8. Such a big bag for something so small :graucho:
  9. LOL I'm not sure, my nose isn't as fine tuned as the fluffy pairs:smile:
  10. Ha, ha - looks like your cats are excited, too!
  11. Well, anything else in there?
  12. m sure theres something else in that big bag!
  13. ^^ There must be, the bag and box look huge! xx
  14. Ok, there IS something else in the box :yahoo:
  15. Well show us then!