ooops I did it again!!

  1. Hello guys,

    Well as some of you know, I was late to the spy and only appreciated its beauty after a lovely friend enthused about hers so often ;)

    Well, I lucked out with an amazing choco which I posted a couple of weeks ago, and now I am well and truly hooked, and have just today received a honey :yahoo:

    I was worried, that the colours would be quite similar, but they are so very different, I am delighted with both of them, and just feel so lucky to have them :yes:

    Hope you like the new addition, I dont want this addiction to stop lol

  2. Gorgeous! LOOOVE that eye candy!!
  3. Love them. Beautiful
  4. gosh that new baby is gorgeous - can you not send to me????

    2 spies in 2 weeks you are seriously addicted!!!

    Congrats what a great family pic - somehow I can't see this being the end....
  5. Lol.....I knew you would not stop at one Chloe. I sooooooooo love the Honey its the most lovely colour. Your spy collection is looking beautiful......I think you need a Blueberry to go with it:devil:
  6. I always loved the honey color.
  7. Congrats C-B... lovely spys :love:
  8. Beautiful!!!! Honey is next on my spy list, LOL

  9. Thanks Girls for the lovely comments.

    SS, anytime you want to borrow this one, just say the word, and I will next day her down :yes: just send me your wisteria in return so that I can show her the London sites and that will be fine lol :biggrin:

    Saitch I would love a blueberry too :heart: :drool: absolutely gorgeous colour
  10. Wow, just gorgeous, I love both those colors immensely. Congrats!!!
  11. Oh MY, Chloe-Babe, it's over for you now! kiss your pre-Spy life goodbye! These evil things are like potato chips.:sweatdrop:

    Your duo is exquisite, especially the leather on the Caramel is so smooshy chewy yummy:drool: . Congrats!! Gorgeous spys!:love:
  12. Ooooooooooh, that close up photo on your new bag is just...WOW! Thanks for sharing. I'm a spy girl at heart but I'm lovin' that Paddington ya got there. You're gonna make me want one. Does the lock make the bag heavy? Oh, back to your spys, THEY'RE GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Gorgeous!
  14. gosh, compared to the spy, yes the paddy is very heavy :yes: , but you get used to it remarkably quickly.

    Its just the initial shock when you first pick up your first paddy, its like woah! this bag is substantial!!! :p
  15. Thanx. One thing I love about the spy is how incredibly light it is. I still Love your paddy though:yes: . It's a beautiful color too.