Ooops, I did it again!!

  1. I did it again: I bought a bag after selling my speedy reall speedy I went into Dior to buy a Gaucho medium in red.
    I came out with the new colour, which they call: black brown.
    This colour just came in yesterday night. The SA told me last time I was in there that they always get new goods on a Tuesday night.
    They had the red one but I immediately fell in love with this one. I actually don't own a black bag.:love: :love: :love: It is a 2 in 1 colour because depending on the light it looks brown or black.
    I guess it was my lucky day today because they just get 1 bag per style and colour.
    I'll post pics later so you can see my new baby.
    The gaucho is just more me than my Ex-LV-Mono things.
    Now just my LV wallet has to go and than I'm mono-free.
    I'm soooo happy with my collection now! It is perfect now. The Gaucho was the last bag I lusted for.
  2. Congrats Tanja! Your Guacho sounds really awesome! Hey now you have 2 bags that can be 2-in-1. This and your ink B-bag!
  3. Cool you are right I didn't think about the Ink so just 2 in 1 bags for me in the future lol.
  4. Ahem................didn't we have an agreement?
  5. Yes, but I sold/selling all my LVs for it so it's more like an exchange, isn't it??:lol: :lol: :lol:
    So here come the pics.
    Gaucho 010.jpg Gaucho 011.jpg Gaucho 012.jpg
  6. That's gorgeous!!!
  7. Ok, you got me.. lol.

    It is gorgeous too, congrats!
  8. Tanja, congrats on your new purchase. Gaucho in Black Brown is very beautiful. NICE! I am all for getting rid of items you no longer feel for to buy something you really love. =) Though it's not an even-exchange, but it's worth it. Enjoy. Now, I'm interested in this bag + color combo too....
  9. oooo that is a beauty! great purchase! i want one now too...
  10. You are too cute! :smile:

    I am glad that you were able to get it the night it first came out!! That is always so exciting to be the first! :smile:
    Congrats!! :smile:

    We both won! Thanks for the Speedy! :smile:
  11. that bag is quite gorgeous!:love:
  12. Very cute, congrats on your purchase ! :biggrin:
  13. Cute! I love it :love: Congrats!
  14. I LOVE this!!! How much????

    Hmmm....i was just congratulating myself earlier on the fact that i am not in love with any bag I do not own at present...and now this....:cry: :cry: :cry:

    Please post a piccie of you wearing it?!:nuts:


    (On the new bag and on being nearly mono free:biggrin: )
  15. LOVE the Gaucho still! Great bag in a great color - CONGRATS!