Ooops I Did It Again!! But Differently!

  1. Today I started a thread about being depressed about not buying anything for 2 weeks. Poor me...poor me:crybaby: So I went online and decided on a few things that I liked. Here is the link to the thread...

    So my husband and I went to the mall today because we needed a few things for the weekend. I decided that since we would be at the mall I was going to return the Coach Holiday Patchword Zip Accordian Wallet to Dillards. I already have the wristlet.

    Well...I looked around for something to exchange it for. I really wanted the new Valentine Wristlet but they only had the pouch. I just couldn't see spending $200 for a pouch that I would never use. BUT....I DID FIND SOMETHING!!!!!:p
    My Carly Pics 002.jpg
  2. SHOW US SHOW US! :nuts:
  3. It's something I said I would never buy!!:p
    My Carly Pics 004.jpg
  4. never say never! c'mon show us!:party:
  5. Carly!
  6. Looks like a Carly strap!!!
  7. 30....29....28.....27.......LOL!:lol:
  8. I think I saw Carly hehe
  9. okay...
    My Carly Pics 006.jpg
  10. ohh choc leather carly!
  11. What a strip-tease!
  12. Oh Yessssss!! A Brand New...Super Deluxe...Large Chocolate Leather CARLY!!!!!!
    My Carly Pics 005.jpg
  13. Looks great!
  14. I have to go pick up my son now from a track meet!!! I will be back later!!! YAY!!!!!
  15. If it's a carly, they're the sexiest bag coach makes I think!:woohoo:this is Coach porn at it's best! lol