Ooops. I changed my mind! :0)

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  1. I said i was getting the Paddy, well at the last minute, i cancelled my order and called Dior in Copley Place in Boston yesterday (around 3:00-ish) and asked if they had the med. Brown Gaucho. She said no, but she'd try to get me one as soon as possible. (I'm in Pennsylvania.)
    I prepaid.... i woke up this morning, and there was a box on the porch with MY NEW DIOR GAUCHO!
    Talk about FAST service!
    I'd deal with Dior in Copley Place again in a second!
    The brown is soooo much nicer in person! I loooove it so much and my husband was even pretty excited about it!
  2. i am so happy for you. congrats. i have the white medium. now, how long are the straps on yours? regarless, its a keeper. i want to see pics? you r luccky you can start using yours now, i have to wait for warmer weather, i am in NJ
  3. Wow, that IS good service! Enjoy!
  4. Good for you, and when the hubby gets excited over a handbag then that is even better. :biggrin:
  5. Glad you got something you like- I have the red Gaucho and have been using it alot. It's a perfect match for jeans.
  6. Congrats!
  7. Good choice! The gaucho is lovely!
  8. Nice! Hope you enjoy it and post pics :biggrin:
  9. Yes, please post pics ASAP! I want to see what the brown looks like IRL. Congrats!!!
  10. Wow, awesome service! :nuts: Post pictures, I'd love to see the brown color.
  11. congrats!!!

    i'm totally happy to hear that you love :love: your new dior bag! and its so nice to hear that your husband is excitied too!!! :amuse:

    You should post up some pictures so we all can have a drool!! ;)
  12. It must be nice to wake up to a new bag!!!