OOOPPPPSS....Your Before and After pics

  1. Before as in Before TPF and After TPF pics

    I was going through my pics on the computer and found my first bag collection pics for TPF now compared that to a little while later (it has even changed since then) OOOPPPPSSS

    Bad TPF Bad!

    Care to share yours
    Collection 1.jpg AFTER.jpg
  2. So many Cannes!!! :drool:
  3. WOW!! You have an AMAZING collection! Looks like you were doing pretty good on your own before tpf!!
  4. the stair shot is very creative
  5. The Navy Crossaire! (spelling)

  6. Wow! Lots of eye candy!
  7. Dang! I am drooling!
  8. i'm loving your collection --- such variety!
  9. All of my LVs are in boxes and it's such a pain taking them all out to do collection pictures lol...

    Label Addict, wasn't it hard to take all of those out? lol *Nice Collection by the way. Love the Miroirs*
  10. stunning collection
  11. Nice collection :drool:
  12. WOW! Drooling over here!
  13. Label, your collection is GORGEOUS!!!:heart:

    Mine went from
    this pre-PF.jpg to this after.jpg to this DSC00530.jpg :wacko::lol:

    No more love for LV.:sneaky:
  14. ^^^ Hmm... I wonder where the $ went to? :sneaky:
  15. H_Addict, I see you really pared your collection down & went in another direction.
    I seem to be in the midst of this too.
    I think it's being exposed to other bags, it's dangerous.