OOOOPS She did it again!

  1. I can't believe she is pregnant again so fast. One minute they are on, the next they are off.... is another baby a good idea if they are riding the fence? Or is the hot cold relationship just a rumor?
  2. Ugh. KFed needs to be sterilized. The fact that he'll have 4 kids out there makes me sad for humanity.
  3. DAMN!!! she's nuts.
  4. I dont think it's confirmed yet, and US Weekly has been wrong :smile:!!
  5. UGH. Sick. Those two didn't waste no time did they?

  6. she has lost her mind...
  7. yikes
  8. I still can't believe she married him.
  9. She crazy, but her chubbykin baby looks adorable.
  10. No doubt that baby is adorable. But, someone should do an intervention or something with Britney cuz that KFederline is a Loser!
  11. I'm starting to rethink all those nasty remarks about eugenics policies...

  12. just confirmed on E daily she is 4 months and due in october..
  13. I kinda feel bad for Britney.
  14. i read she's pg in the oregonian (big state daily newspaper) goss column yesterday and my co worker heard it on CNfreakingN!! since when are celeb pregnancies headline news??? anyway, the oregonian is pretty conservative...usually they only run goss if it's been printed in four other places. :smile: poor brit. if she's four months along, that means little sean was only three months old when this new one was concieved! her poor body! kfed is so...urg.