OOOOPs Moments

  1. I had a "GASP" moment with my IF Audra Flashback bag. I laid it on the table next to a cup of coffee. When I came back I realized that the cup had a hole in the bottom and all the coffee was on the bottom of my bag!!! I grabbed it up, sopped up the excess. Then a used a wet soapy cloth to wash the stained area, rinsed it well and dried it as well as I could with a towel. I then laid it on a heater vent spewing warm air. Would you believe that bag looks like nothing ever happened to it. My husband was amazed because we both thought we just lost 600 bucks worth of leather. My cleaning method was probably unorthodox but I was at my husbands office, with nothing to work with. I really am amazed. No coffee smell or stains, no weird leather look or feel. I think I was very very lucky.
    What have your big OOPs moments been? And did your bag live?
  2. I had a near miss with my Donna Karan Bryant bag earlier this month. I had just finished eating a taco at Taco John's. My boyfriend was sitting across from me still finishing up his food. He noticed that the lid on his lemonade was loose, so he tried to press it down. Somehow he managed to tip the whole cup of lemonade. Lemonade went cascading across the table. My bag was sitting on my seat just below the table. It was right in the path of the lemonade flood. You've never seen a woman swoop in to rescue her precious bag so quickly! I did end up with a couple of drops on the flap, but they came off with a swipe of a napkin. My bag was fine.
  3. It wasn't so much "oops" on my part, but my moment happened with my Marc Jacobs Stella tote.

    About 2 years ago, I worked at Anthropologie on Sundays. One evening, I was working with another woman who also had a Stella tote. Now, I treat all of my bags like children, so even if I've had something for years, it still looks practically new. Her bag, on the other hand, was totally beaten up, and I remember saying a silent prayer for it.

    Anyway, as we were about to leave after closing, I went to my locker to grab my bag. She had placed her bag on top of the lockers, sitting over a neglected cup of Starbucks. As she went to grab her bag, she knocked the cup of Starbucks over....and right into my open Stella tote. I was in shock! I quickly looked around to try and find some paper towels while she just stood there. STOOD there and did nothing, didn't even say sorry.

    Needless to say, I now have a dark patch on the bottom of my Stella tote, and the coffee stains never quite disappeared from the lining (and thankfully, it was still when the Stella totes had the cloth lining, otherwise the damage would have been worse). My LV agenda survived, although the interior papers had to be refilled.

    The only good piece of news from the experience was that shortly after, she was fired for being lazy.
  4. ^ The woman was so rude. Gosh, I would be so mad!
  5. I remember seeing an ebay auction for 2 Coach bags with the straps chewed clear through. They even included the picture of the criminal dog..LOL They did sell, not for much but maybe somebody was willing to try to replace the straps. Ever since then I keep my bags high up from my rambuctious Poodle Pup. He would love the leather strings from my IF and Kooba bags. I bet they taste better than her Rawhide chewy.
  6. SuLi - OMG!!! I hate to admit this but I probably would have screamed at her.
  7. yeah, I would scream at her.. is she kidding? she can't do that to the bag.. my gosh, no decency whatsoever......... arrggggggghhhhhhh, that makes me so mad.. I dont let ppl touch my bag as much as possible coz u never know...
  8. Unorthodox, yes. I once used ultrashiny Armorall (the stuff for your car interior) to get waterspots out of an old LV. It worked, but I certainly wouldn't recommend it to others, since I don't know what the long term effects would be. So far so good. The bag looks great, although it darkened the cowhide part a little. It darkened it evenly so it just looks like natural aging on a LV. It was a purse miracle.
    SuLi, I would have freaked, but careless people sometimes hang themselves. I can't say I feel sorry for her being let go.
  9. I remember seeing those as well. I wonder how they did?

    My oops moment happened as I was climbing a few stairs into an office building while holding a very full paddy and an umbrella with my left hand, and holding a really large starbucks coffee with my right hand. As I made my way up a few stairs, my shoe got caught in the hem of my pants, I lost my balance and fell. As I stood, I saw poor paddy lying top-side down (lock and all) on the floor. All I could think about in my moment of horror was not whether my knees had survied, but instead whether the lock had been scratched, nicked, dented or whatnot. :shocked:

    Turns out paddy was perfectly fine ... I think I was spared because the lock was silver on my anthra paddy. Oh, and the starbucks coffee survived unscathed as well ... it landed perfectly on its bottom and only spilled a little away from where the paddy landed.
  10. I went to a show with my friend, and he started dancing with a pint glass of beer, spilled half of it on my jacket and my Spy. He has absolutely no idea how precious my bag is to me or to my wallet, and he was having such a great time...I just didn't say anything and wiped the beer from the purse with my already-soaked jacket.
  11. Omigod!...I would have swore up and down like a truck driver :rant: :censor: :rant: and she didn't even move to help or apologize?! Geez, what a :censor: !!
  12. Thanks for the kind notes everyone! I swear, I cried all the way home that night, totally freaking out over the bag. It was my first luxury purchase, and she ruined it :cry: . Nonetheless, I still love my Stella, and could never, ever part with it.