<<< Ooooooohh, the Glare! >>> post pics of your PATENT bags here

  1. Like it or not, it appears that patent leather bags are really hot for fall/winter 07, after first making a resurgence in fall/winter 06.

    I thought it would be fun to start a thread for everyone to post pics of patent bags that they own--or would like to own. :tup:

    Any designer: High-end, low-end, in between. Just lots of shiny eye candy!

    Here are my two patent leather bags:


    Jimmy Choo Ramona.JPG YSL Downtown.JPG
  2. ^ unfortunately i do not own any patent leather bags but i would love to have the YSL downtown!! Gorgeous Bags!
  3. gorgeous bags!!!! love the bordeaux color!
  4. I don't have this yet but I STILL want to get it .... Tod's Gray Patent D Bag :

  5. Cosmo - Gorgeous gorgeous bags ... definitely ones I would like to own;)

    I have only one patent leather bag, my Gerard Darel 24 Heures in black:heart:
  6. Thanks for posting everybody!

    Here are some more to consider...

    Anya Hindmarch

    Chloe Heloise
  7. I love the title of this thread! I don't do patent bags, just not my thing, but I just wanted to commend the title. Very cute and smart
  8. I don't have any patent bags! I know, it's shameful, but I LOVE your patent Ramona, Cosmopolitan! It's BEAUTIFUL!
  9. I need to find my pics of my Chanel Luxe Ligne black patent leather bowler that I got in April. :search:
  10. Great thread!! I don't have any patent bags though.....yet :graucho:
  11. Yes, you do!!!!
  12. Coach Ergo

    Mulberry Bayswater
    Coach Ergo 1.JPG Coach Ergo 2.JPG Mulberry Bayswater 1.JPG Mulberry Bayswater 2.JPG Mulberry Bayswater 3.JPG
  13. For the low-end category, Gap has a pretty cute hobo. It looks delicious in navy patent, but here is a pic of the black.

  14. ^ That looks HOT! I LOVE the hobo style and the patent just makes it look even better!