ooooooo i did something bad...

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  1. k, couple things.

    first off, i did a bad thing. i couldn't resist, and as soon as i had a little more cash than what it cost, i bought a pomme flat pouch. sounds fine and dandy right? beautiful piece, i had the money...but the kicker is i currently already owe my dad for my azur speedy + part of my spring break trip which will easily equal out to over $1000 :push: :s i was gonna try to completely hide the pouch, but my mom knows i sold a bunch of coach stuff off on eBay and i tried to package it without her seeing it, but of course she remembered i put it up there and asked me how much i got for it. when she asks me how much i have to give to my dad before the trip it's gonna be minus that money. :sweatdrop: plus it's coming to me from seattle because they're nowhere to be found! i called like 6 stores and it was finally 866 that located one and had that store call me. so i somehow have to make sure she doesn't see the fed ex box before me...i'm hoping they come when she's not here or that they don't ring the doorbell. ahhh, nervous about this.

    anyway, i have a question about vernis. do the imprints of the LVs on vernis variate? okay let me try to explain. i have a vernis reade pm, and my mom has a thompson street and an indigo biscyane, as well as a vernis wallet. on her wallet and on my reade pm, the imprints of the LV do not seem as prominent as they are on my mom's thompson street. do the smaller items have "lighter" imprints or does it just depend on the item?
  2. The imprints on my vernis FP are pretty prominent. First thing I checked upon receiving it!!!
  3. congrays on your flat pouch!!!
  4. i know you really wanted the flat pouch, so congrats! sorry if it will get you in some trouble with mom and dad, but hope you work that out.
    the pomme seems to show the most fingerprints of any of my vernis colors
  5. Congratulations on the flat pouch.
  6. yeah i noticed that when i was playing with a lexington the other day, but i'm not talking about finger "imprints" -- i am talking about the LV imprints into the vernis leather. the ones on her wallet are quite "light" -- not as easily seen as they are on her thompson street. her thompson street is like :nuts: totally obviously LV. you can definitely see them on her wallet but they are just not as "strong" if you know what i mean. plus i am quite upset about my marshmallow reade pm right now as it is yellowing in spots:wtf: :sad: :crybaby: it is obvious to me, maybe not to other people, but i really don't use it as much as my other bags and it is always kept in my closet in its dustbag :sad: i don't know if i should sell it? it breaks my heart to sell any of my LV, especially since it is such a beautiful color that is not available anymore, but if this is only going to get worse, i was thinking maybe i should just let it go and use that money to purchase something else. :cry:
  7. Yes, the imprints differ on different pieces. I have several vernis pieces and some have a "deep" imprint and others have a "lighter" imprint.
  8. ok, sorry i misunderstood. yes, my cles and wallet are more heavily imprinted and the bags are less so. others have said it can vary, and apparently this is expected.
    i would keep the \marshmellow reade pm--such a pretty color!
    i'd use her and then if you are not feeling the love down the road you can sell her....i'm sure most will not notice the color transfer...we're the only neurpitc ones that even know about this kind of stuff....
  9. Congrats!!!:yahoo: I'm still waiting for one, I hope they will find one for me:heart: :love: .
  10. Congrats!
    My Greene in marshmallow had a very light imprint compared with my Gris Reade. Don't know if this helps.
  11. oh, def try to intercept that package! can you get it shipped to a diff address!?!?!
    and yea, the imprints can be a bit diff on diff pieces and colors. dont' stress.
  12. apparently the lower rated stores -- the ones that don't sell as much stock, still have yet to get their shipment. i believe i called both atlantic city and i was in Saks bala cynwyd yesterday and neither had even gotten their shipments yet, but seems as if they had already gotten and sold out of the heart purses...
  13. I'm glad you got your pouch! It would have been constantly on your mind if you didn't get it. Congratulations!

    Maybe your dad will be lenient and understanding? Hope so....

  14. ooh, he won't know. lol. but if my mom finds out (which she will eventually when she sees me pull my jewelry out of it on our she will yell at me saying it was money i could have paid my dad with. all i have to say is that he will definitely get it, and as soon as i have some cash he will have that. but it will take me a while to come up with the $1400 he wants. (i'm hoping it will be downgraded to $ but the way i look at it is that i sold off coach stuff. that's my stuff i could have been using if i loved it, but i stopped using any of it a long time ago and didn't love it anymore. so it was like a trade...right? lol.
  15. Haha, I NEVER pay my dad for my LV stuff, maybe you can do the same?