Ooooooh so excited!!!

  1. Hey girliessss!!! I just wanted to share my excitement. I'm supposed to be on a purse ban til February but when I saw this bag up on eBay I just couldn't help but get it hehehe So bad!!! I know the colour may not appeal to all of you but I simply love pink! The shipping will probably take a week but I can't wait!!! I'll post up more pics when it arrives. Here are pics from personalshopper for the time being :heart:


  2. Congrats Bagzilla! I almost purchase a chanel bag from personal shopper too but due to bank complication, I had to withdraw from the transaction. I can't wait for you to model the bag for us!
  3. ooh what a hot color :heart: ... congrats :love:
  4. oh I think it's beautiful - congratulations! I can't wait to see more pics!
  5. oh my god that bag is beautiful , congrats!
  6. this is a very very beautiful color! congrats!

    i would love to get one with color like this, but this kind of color don't really fit in my wardrobe, sad...
  7. Love it! Perfect for valentines day!
  8. I can see why you had to break your ban, that bag is beautiful. I'm lovin' the color. :drool:
  9. BEAUTIFUL!! I love pink, and that is a gorgeous shade of pink. I plan to purchase a pink flap for my collection this year. Congrats your new "pinkie"~
  10. Congrats!! I saw that auction yesterday and it's one GORGEOUS bag . . . a rare find too! Usually I prefer colors (anything non-black) in lambskin, but that caviar version is fabulous. Very thankful that you beat me to it :smile: ....LOL....b/c otherwise it might have been very very dangerous for my credit card yesterday....seriously. And the price was great too!
  11. That color's so cute. It'll go right into spring and summer too.
  12. Congrats! Hot, flashy color!
  13. Oh it is just beautiful!
  14. Wowza!!! I almost bought a violet one that she had up right before that one!
  15. congrats! I have this color and it is beyond breathtaking!! I agree...PERFECT for valentine's! I never thought of that!