Oooooh so cute new Legacy tote

  1. Don't know how many of you have seen this, but by searching for "tote" on Coach's website I found this cute tote today.


    It's available now for order on the website! Pretty darn cute! Sadly, no way I will ever afford it. :crybaby:
  2. Very cute!
  3. it is adorable!! I wonder if you can get this at the pce ..
  4. Trying to decide if I want that or the Katy
  5. i'm definately getting that one. and the matching french wallet.
  6. Personally, I think the Katy doesn't have enough structure. It just kind of sags whenever you put something of any weight in it.
  7. ^ i think the katy is a little bit more delicate, too. this oxford looks like it's pretty durable.
  8. pretty pretty
  9. The only thing that scares me is the vachetta leather trim. I think the bag is adorable but I'd trash the vachetta in a heartbeat. I am really careful with my bags but I don't think I'd be careful enough to keep it from looking like crap. :sad:
  10. I saw that in the catalog and really liked it!!! :yes: If you could get it with PCE... it wouldn't be too bad at all!! ACK!! My list for PCE is ever growing!
  11. The bag is going to be a stunner without a doubt. I am with you Mokani about the vachetta and it is the only thing keeping me from this bag. I know it is going to be put down somewhere and unfortunately I am not going to have a spare chair all the time for my purse. I still want it though!
  12. That is absolutely adorable. I am definitely adding that to my wishlist. :heart: I saw that tote in the catalog and fell in love with it. It'll be even more adorable with a matching legacy or solid colored scarf.
  13. i really like that the more and more I see it
    i wonder if it would be a good school vera bag is getting a little old (its the nantucket navy Vera) its huge but i'm getting tired of it!
  14. yeah, that is what I'm thinking too. I wanted the katy but it's very shapeless.
  15. Oh so very nice!