Oooooh! Great interview today!

  1. OK, girls, I don't want to jinx it but I had a GREAT interview today (onsite, in person, rockin' the shirtdress & 'Choos) for a consulting position that is SO much up my alley I can't even believe it. OK, the team is evolving and has some ambiguity (don't we all?) but I shared a ton of my past experience that I know would be a really great benefit to running projects more effectively, adapted for this particular environment, of course! And, the Director really liked it! We really hit it off.

    Hire me <company>, hire me! :tup: I should have an answer mid next week.
  2. Sounds like you are not going to need luck to secure this position, it will be awarded purely based on experience and skill!

  3. Great!! Best wishes!
  4. Crossing my fingers for you, Pursegrrl!:smile:
  5. Horray! Best wishes!
  6. :tup: Aww, Pursegrrl, That is great. We will pulling for you SOO hard. Thanks for letting us know. :smile:
  7. thank you all sooooooooooo much for your support! ((HUGS))
  8. This is great news! I am sure you'll get the position! Keep us posted!
  9. wow, that sounds so great!! rooting for you here! let us know the outcome!! when should you hear?
  10. Great job! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!
  11. Should know by mid next week! He does have another candidate to meet with...
  12. Good luck!! I hope you get the job.
  13. Great news! Keeping my fingers crossed...
  14. Congrats girlie!
  15. Good luck I hope u get the job!